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Both I the audience among. Those in listen to this and I think there's so many layers that we can. Open up and UNWRAP. Here's and. Go for it. Yeah, I wonder in the afterlife. What is your perspective of a given that? We're on this side of law at the moment. What do you think is waiting for us? Is there an? What is the somewhere outside of the novel and talking about my views of the afterlife, afterlife, I, actually. My nace Jesus is closer to my own views of the afterlife I did an MA NFC. Called Resurrect terrarium twenty. Resurrect nineteen. Twenty. And I wrote that one in a lot less time. Grenade is is you don't have that much time, so I had a year. but basically it started before I B. I began my MBA program. It started as A. Flyer that you're handed. You've awakened in what looks like a hospital and you're handed a flyer and the Flyer says welcome to the afterlife. You've been resurrected from the dead now. Here are a few things you to know. is where is everyone else? and the answer to that is how good. How well do you speak abalone? Obviously, you're going to be resurrected and cohorts along with people who understand your culture, your time, and to some extent your language. So with that background I wrote this story and when I wrote that the the afterlife that I described had several different sex types flavors that you will based on what region you woke up in. the one that I will. I had my main character. Wake up in is basically a bucolic. Not Socialistic, but you know money is only important as cipher of the key things going you people don't really care about money. The only big difference between that world and our global does that no one dies. You have about a thousand years to get it right and move on to the next level of life. So. It's very much like this life and the reason I wrote it. That way is in and the Bible and in the way the Jews of the day. Believe that you know you. The body is resurrected. Okay when we die, we don't spend an eternity sort of floating in a spiritual ether. human beings are embodied creatures. Now you take away the body What have you have to have a body to have a human?.

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