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W. J. news times eight thirty three well maybe you're feeling that stressed out because of all the holiday rush that search around us you know a great field villages celebrating with holiday nice but it's not a panic like everything else seems to be joining us live on W. W. J. as the director of greenfield village Jim Johnson good morning Jim good morning as I say it's not a panic I guess it is if you don't have tickets but otherwise holiday nights tends to be one of those things that you go to and you just take in absorbing joy and kind of meld into to it yeah absolutely virtually all greens of all it's it's got something going on for holiday nights and you can do it at your own pace is nothing that's really scheduled except at the very end where we have a scheduled sing along at a fireworks display that sort of ends the evening so you just do it at your own pace and there's a lot to see main street the hustling bustling area of the model keys and that street vendors and all the food and things like that but you make your way out towards partisan parlors where the stark homes are and things get a little bit more quiet little more you know pastoral up there and and basically what we're talking about is a Christmas scene setting what in the late eighteen hundreds to the early nineteen hundreds we actually cover over three hundred years of American history so there's a part of the village to talk about when Christmas was not celebrated up to the early part of the twentieth century so there is just kind of a time line of different things that we've been going on across the span of American history this is one of the I was gonna say huge events a greenfield village you have mine sure you you guys figure they're all huge but you have the the fourth of July spectacular you have breast at it any day out at the village is a good day but what what is there that makes this one the one that you got to see if there's just so many amazing sights and sounds we like to say it's sort of like it's a wonderful life is crashing into Charles Dickens Christmas Carol there's just so much happening throughout the the village the star kitchens come to life with our places and cook stoves we have carolers throughout the village we have over a hundred people in period dress of different time periods making their way through the village or in the store comes and it's just you know they're just fun for everybody activities for the kids let the great food that we're doing in the streets in in the restaurants and it's just you know a whole wide variety of things happening right now that we've when everybody's appetite can they get tickets and can they get in are we actually are sold out through the twenty third but we are offering days on the twenty six seven and eight after Christmas which is still a great thing to come out and do especially if you have family in town and things like that the only big differences stand in the rain here have a return to the North Pole at that point but everything else is in in full tilt in those days and it's a great time and then what happens is a village after this because does it just go poof and quiet down the bill which never really quiets down we take this opportunity of course get Christmas put away but that's a time period when lots of interior work begins on the building's deep cleaning if you will and then any kind of repair work that needs to be done as part ties in that it's happened so we open again in mid April ninth so it it it actually physically doesn't close down but it closes down to the public over the winter that's right the twenty eighth will be our last day of the public as access to the village until I believe April fifteenth at the Henry Ford still open it is yes daily and a lot of things going on in there we have a great a lego exhibit and fun stuff happening to holidays in Henry Ford museum as well that website for tickets I know we'll have it on ours but we're church it's the Henry Ford dot O. R. G. and holy night should be front and center in shrill click through that and get all kinds information about what you need to now.

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