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Maximum security cuts the corner and opens up maximum security. Let's quarter of a mile to go. He's six on top second boaty express. He's running a huge race time of the inciting code of honor hidden, scroll at one pace bourbon more on the outside, but maximum security proved he's the real deal with a gate to wonder wait in the Florida derby Bodey express with second code of honor finish third then bourbon Warren current in one forty eight and four. Pita L at Gulfstream Park. Giving us the stretch call this year's Florida, derby maximum security little bit upset winner that day and really kind of the question Mark horse coming into the into the derby this year, this is a horse who if we had the foresight could have purchased in claimed him out of race for sixteen thousand dollars a few months ago. Now, he's worth little bit more than that. Yeah. It's slightly. He's done very well from self for wins in a row. And and we'll see what happens on Saturday. There's mixed reviews on him. So people absolutely love them. Some people think he has no chance of very polarizing, I think I I'm confused because I'm not really sure that he beat the toughest Florida derby field that we've seen I'm saying that very kindly horse. It was second to him was a maiden who seventy two one the horses who were the favorites in the race really didn't show up that well urban ward I thought was going to run a big race. He really didn't. He's a closer didn't close that day hidden, scroll just didn't fire what we saw anywhere close to what we saw in his astounding maiden win code honor. Ran decent racy was third, but he was seven lengths back. He really was not a threat as far as winning the race. So I don't know if it's a factor of maximum security is just that good. Or he just didn't beat that much. I'm kind of leaning to the to the ladder. You know? I I really find that that pace was so slow that if those horses behind him were really that good. They would have overcome that slow pace at some point. But they just never did. And people will point to the fact that that the winter Rian very fast last quarter. But when you're walking early you're supposed to be able to finish, right? Maximum security works like a snail, by the way, we saw him for the first time live here at Churchill this morning. He had a little bit of kidney sweat. He was just kinda. I dunno just easing his way around. I think he just arrived yesterday. This is a horse that you mentioned. I mean, his workouts are half miles and fifty three or fifty four three furlongs and forty two almost probably about the limit. As far as how slow an actual an official. Workout can be but in the race. He's fast. I think he's an Arabian. We'll look for Medella where park in Sam Houston. Mito's down the line interesting note, by the way of maximum security and something that I don't think a lot of people thought of to row some mentioned it looking at the bloodstock research figures, he got the lead by himself last time out it wasn't. So just that he wasn't going that fast on the lead. But apparently he finished extremely fast. It wasn't. He got out by himself and just kind of lull them to sleep in. That was it..

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