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Vero may want to check the air arkansas does have a pretty nice history in basketball and i i will say after kentucky and maybe florida arkansas may have one of the richest histories in the sec alabama's up there too again i would i would agree i mean but the national championship does help you know in need you went to the fight then to go the chips against two years in a row one at once and the next year i believe about the so i wanted i think you're right did they win this championship i think they wanted yeah they wanted to ninety four and i think they went back to next year and lost to ucla i think so hey paul does a there is a rule there's a new rule in college basketball you have to have seven fouls for you start she do three and i got i sure can't wait till we get that can we get that instant replay in college football like they haven't basketball i can't wait for that to happen can you i think this year maybe they'll come in this year palezzo ways tramps like us baby we were born to run have good day the boss we welcome you back in a minute when we will continue taking your phone calls eight five five two four two seven two eight five is the number we'll talk to cal tucker at the top of the hour actually in the in the final hour also john adams what about the end of tennessee football at the tennessee football which starts them what about the end of the basketball season and what does the future look like for holly warlick after a nother early exit from the ncw basketball tournament we are back with more.

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