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In the month of may that would be the first time since two thousand and five we've been able to get below forty in the month of may if it happens at national airport I'm searching for meteorologist Chuck belt for WTOP thank you Chuck right now we have fifty three degrees in friendship heights it's nine fifty two of the newest developments in the pandemic there are nearly one point two million cases as of corona virus across the U. S. with more than fifty one thousand reported cases in DC Maryland and Virginia officials in Ocean City Maryland say the beach and boardwalk will open this Saturday but that opening is intended for locals only and a stay at home order remains in effect those who go must deal follow gathering limits and social distancing guidelines Virginia governor Ralph Northam says the Commonwealth should be able to enter the first phase of re opening as soon as may fifteenth which is a week from Friday the governor says he believes the status flatten the curve of the outbreak and he's emphasizing safer at home rather than stay at home third party food delivery apps such as GrubHub and ubereats could see commissions capped at fifteen percent under a new bill being considered by the DC council the move follows pleas from local restaurants that customers skip the food delivery apps altogether and order directly from the restaurants instead a White House memo to congressional committees says no member of the administration's coronavirus task force may testify on Capitol Hill the list the appearance is expressly approved by the president's chief of staff Democrats are bristling at the restriction on gathering information about the nation's response to the pandemic the memo follows a white house moved to block Dr Anthony Fauci from testifying before a house panel while allowing him to appear the following week at a Senate hearing the Senate of course held by Republicans the house controlled by Democrats the White House says sent a small blizzard of names to the Senate for confirmation get the highlights now from federal news networks Tom Teman president trump names Russ Vought as the director of the office of management and budget a job lot has been acting in for sixteen months the White House taps shaman asco as the undersecretary of the airforce and John Whitley as the defense department director of cost assessment and program evaluation a slot vacant for the past year the White House also nominates three new names to the federal retirement thrift investment board John barter Christopher Burnham and Frank Dunn levy would replace the current chairman and two other members of the five person board this is the board argues with Congress over whether to move which I find to a benchmark that includes Chinese securities Tom Temin federal news network coming up next in your money Wall Street is off and running this morning D. C. gets an unexpected headquarters move object label it's nine fifty four right.

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