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News one zero six nine AM, seven forty KCBS it's Friday August. Tenth twenty eighteen coming up on KCBS the Trump administration, calls for a separate military space force and San Francisco's comedy day. In Golden Gate park turns to crowd crowdfunding to help stay afloat. Good morning I'm Peter Finch thank you for joining us KCBS news time is twelve thirty one. CBS news update there could be a new military service to. Join the army navy air, force and marines as. The Trump administration plans to go to congress, to create the US space force for guarding US interests in the heavens above just as in. The past when we created the air force establishing the space forces and idea whose time, has come vice President Mike Pence before a. Crowded the Pentagon. Yesterday former air force secretary Deborah j Supports the idea what's been happening in recent years is some of our, potential adversaries, across the world, have been investing and testing in ways that. Are worrisome to the United, States in ways where they too are, securing capabilities which we view as a possible threat AP reporters say garment Johnny says the plan does have its critics that's secretary Jim Mattis made clear he was not. Enthused by the idea of. Having to. Create an entirely. New service with all the. Bureaucracy and all the expense that. Would go with it. CBS news update I'm Jim shanavie KCBS news time twelve thirty to go fund me campaign has been launched to help an iconic San Francisco van continue to bring laughs to Golden Gate park the thirty eighth annual comedy day is coming up Sunday September sixteenth in white used to, be called Sharon meadow but it's now Robin Williams meadow earlier I add a chance to speak. With director and, president of the board for comedy Debi Durst Debbie does the crowd funding. Campaign medium vent. Was in danger of not happening. Well you know it's it's a total we're a nonprofit organization and every year, we have. To find money to put the event on and. It's quite expensive the rental of the meadow alone is, about, one third of our budget and I just we, need to have the show people need to laugh there's very few free things left in San Francisco we've never charged admission Four comedy day and we're. Not going to, start now it can be revealed now that for years Robin Williams helped. Fund, comedy day, his loss of course. Was tough on you and his friends but was it also a big setback financially for comedy day yes it was. It was it was a financial setback anytime any organization loses money it's, a setback it doesn't matter how what the amount. Is it's just don't. Know now that's money we're going to have to. Find from somewhere else But Robin, was was generous in giving to comedy day and that's kinda why I wanted to have the meadow. Named? After him because there needs? To, be something, in San Francisco, city proper with his name on it. And he was at. The very first comedy, day and was at all the. Comedy days he could, go to if he was in town, or not working he would always show up now you're not? A, concert promoter. Or an. Event planner by trade you're. A comedian and actress director? And I know. This is a ton of work to put. On for one one. Day every year. Why why do you do it oh good grief Like Kevin Costner signed the ball for the love of the game it's it's our company, picnic comedians are happy to be able to, be living and working in San Francisco and there was a time when you could make a living just doing comedy here. In San Francisco and it, was kind of a way to say thank you to. The city for letting us live here and be circus people and just to give back to the community at large and it's just a it's a lot of. Work and a lot of heartache in a lot of sweat a lot of tears and. Even some blood sometimes because I have fallen down but then I, just take a moment or. Two when the show was going on and look backstage and everybody, is having such a great time, you get to see your fellow comedians in broad daylight and and spend an afternoon just hanging out. And? Talking and it it's it's? Like, a big Family it's it's very, San Francisco has always, been very nurturing that was director and president of the. Board for San Francisco's comedy day Debi Durst tree squirrels are a big draw on the San Jose, State campus the Rockstars university very popular so, why are their numbers dropping and does it have anything to do with rat traps this is Matt Bigler have more this. Afternoon on KCBS reporters notebook This is, Steve Futterman sometimes a story just makes. You shake your head we are witnessing one of those today. It involves the police chief in union City. California and his son on Tuesday. The police chief Darryl McAllister was. Informed by members, of his. Cities seek community of a vicious attack on a Sikh. Resident in the city of Mantica around sixty miles away the chief expressed his concern the next day the chief gotta call from Mantica police the suspect, in the case, was his. Eighteen year old son the chief? Helped Mantica police track his sundown the sun is now? In jail the. Chief says he is devastated.

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