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Stop, at. Margie's you, can stop. Over at. Margie's after we can yeah so anyway that's. The best, thing crust pizza oh my. God If, they could make chips that tastes. Like John's pizza John's pizzeria then that's the pizza Dan I've said this before I. Eat every time I. Go there or order. From there. I eat way too can't stop eating, it I'm serious I can't even when I'm I'm like I need more of us and that's just it's the best I just it's the? Best pizza ever as relative, you ever been, to John's I. Have not in western oh my God it's the best Seriously I just stuff myself to the gills every time I eat pizza best thin? Crust in the city all, right we got, more weird flavored Potato chips like how about this one Israel to borsch. Borsch flavored. Potato chips in borscht yeah Borsch. Beetroot that would taste like a beet root so you and I would like. That Involves beats, how about this. Pigs in a blanket pigs in a blanket. Flames pigs in, a blanket flavored potato chips? I just wonder how. They get these flavors I'm a little you know what I. Mean because these you don't you don't This is clearly not something, you're to find in nature, this has been. Concocted and some lab somewhere some guy in. A white coat, is like I will find? The pigs in the. Blankets flavoring So. All, right let's take, a break we're talking about weird flavored. Foods if you guys have had. Any of, that stuff three one two nine eight one seven two. Hundred one hundred events nineteen days one epic. Food festival visit c. t. food bowl dot com for the ultimate Chicago food experience this August.

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