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It is bullshit unless a website is using an intendo trademark and its name or branding than this is all about copyright and intendo making a choice to be the biggest bully possible. Most of the other video game copyright holders. Don't behave like this because they choose not to so. Yeah. That's the thing is that. I don't think any of us were saying intendo necessarily had to sue them for twelve million dollars. But we thought again, either thing I can flayed it was the idea that like there is legal like reason for them to want to pursue this beyond just them like wanting money from people that are like. Riveting their game, sir. Good feedback thinks that was Adam. Maybe maybe I'll remember this time in E N. Ian. Thank you. Ian. What's up next? Okay. Dan wanna read this one for Andrew? Yes. Hey beast friend does put the announcement on blast before. I'd put y'all on blast for this. Command and conquer Tiberius. Dawn is the original command and conquer colloquially called Tiberius done. This follows the naming convention for that branch of the series using the term Tiberia or Tiberia and each title. This is understandably confusing spirit to be the first time that the game is called Burien dawn from an official source. Thank you. Andrew was confused about that. Because he had a boxer says commanded conquer, and then tabby and son was the one that came after red alert, right? And I seen C four the latest official one is heavier in twilight. Oh, yeah. That's what I was thinking dawn because I was like oh that just sounds like when I didn't play them. But yeah, I guess if there was no one notice I did not there's no correction for what I said about. Everyone's. Playing commanded cocker backed uncle ask game have good taste in games. Let's up next Abby. Thanks, Andrew from Andrew shore. Another Andrew Andrew says, hey, there beast war transformers to is totally lost Banadir that what does that mean? Peace fours. Banadir? I assume it's a transformer that there's a was I'm pretty sure. Fuck. This guy's talking. Yes. What am I the waspa- Nater? Apparently, you know, I don't know beast wars, you agreed though war. My I wanna be a transformer. Can I be the one that's a boombox can. I be a constructive. On an episode to talking about detective Pika chew dance and green lantern was played by Seth Rogan a character. Dan was thinking of was green hornet by Seth Rogan in the movie of the same name all the same thing. Really? Isn't it wasn't it? But did have Christopher Christopher Walt as a scenery devouring villain. Never stop stopping this. Andrew from Columbia, garland greenhorn. It is not a very good movie. But it is still better than the green lantern movie. All in the marvel green lantern movie is awful watch either. I mean that would be the recommendable choice. I'm just saying if someone is holding you a gun point. And they said you gotta watch one of these green movies pick greenhorn at one and shorter. And to some of it is fun mile. All right miles. These are your choices fried green tomatoes green room. That's good. That's actually good movie. What's up nex? Okay. Jeff when read this one from Darren, of course. I know you're from Johnson county. This is for Dan. But it's literally half stay away kind of borders, Missouri. Columbia is not the capital of Missouri. Jefferson City is right. So many. Sure. One hundred percent right on that forms area cities that anyone knows Saint Louis. Kansas City Columbia where the colleges I forgot about Jefferson City being the capital. And then there's Branson. Branson independence, pennant sucks. Most of Missouri sucks. What's your favorite? Kansas city. Yeah. By default. But Missouri's a bad if I'm being honest. I don't know anyone from zuri that speaks highly of Missouri, Missouri. Louis cheese, Saint Louis has been there. It's pretty cool doesn't that have that like city park where you get to like climb all the stuff arch. It's always pretty tie feel like it's misery that has city park. It's something that's fucking coolest shit. But anyway, where it is. I don't think I know anyone directly from Saint Louis, but everyone I know who is from the mid west is incredibly judgy about Saint Louis and just does not speak nicely of it. Whether they should or not, I don't know. I've only been there for exactly five minutes driving through it. So I have like no meaningful opinion myself..

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