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Visit wgnradiocom slash events and all the pupia need is there representative lewis lang has been on the show many times so it's a pleasure to welcome the democrat from the seventeenth make it sixteenth district in springfield from skokie on the line hey lewis john williams houria john i worry it's good to be with you a lesson i don't mean to make too much out of this you obviously service at the state level but i think anybody who is a representative of the people today is thinking a little bit more about their role and how they conduct their business after the shooting outside of washington yesterday how did you reflect on that lew when you heard the news what were you but of your thoughts been sense well particularly interesting john because i happen to be in washington dc and i was here when that event took play third a terrible terrible thing scary but you know just like the general public has to go about their business in their daily lives so to people who are celebrities or in the political world or public servants uh we have to go about our business you're in washington dc now we're talking about what's going on in nil annoy this couple of things to kinda cutlery ear and we talked about earlier today lou it's possible that illinois is going to stop road construction because we don't have a budget by the end of the month in it's the fifteenth what are you hearing about that a only what i read that the department of transportation has made such a statement put your know john mcdevitt and have a budget last year either and we didn't have a budget the year before either and they managed to proceed though it's not only fixing our roads and building.

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