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Why i think like put it up over their head right there like this jimmy cold here. Fucking blind meetings on their hands ridiculous but that man batman wearing those underpants because he's got to cover up his dick who next if we ever. We ever talked to about me. Please don't talk to someone who played batman and we know they've all been major right next even interviewed george clooney or christian. Bale next time val kilmer something right. He was a batman. Right kilmer was i. I we we're gonna talk to you about it. You dick not be comfortable in in those in those the actor. Not like a real batman. But there's a real bad like like when you for the day the actors not remember those real superheroes. Oh yeah dark. Guardian which those blogs my fight with the real life superhero facebook page. You from dark ardian like those guys. you know. it's one thing to watch your favorite comic books and shit and see the ridiculous leotards and spandex and then another thing when you're gonna like i'm going to become a superhero. You gotta make sure you're comfortable. Those costumes cannot be comfortable on the dick. Those big. they're like. Yeah forty pounds a rubber you dicks just like sweating inside a fuck and forty pound a rubber greenhouse. That's gotta be the rubber. The rubber makes it tough real tough and you and you can't like there's no freedom there you talk. If you're fucking christian. Bale gets a boner onset of fucking batman. Matt ain't going anywhere rubber wall. That's that's going to be. I imagine they got something underneath. It like probably depends on the inside. Yeah but like if you need to like. If you're if you're batman if you're one of those actors and you your dick itches. Too bad you're doing doing like a stretch in lena. Never you can't. You can't scratch a wall a rubber. You've got an itch. Es balls or the wrong spot you are done. Mansard walking wiggling around unseats takes live. Take five christians. Balls are stuck to his leg again. I've done that fucking on this. Show a million around. Yeah just get itchy be holy man so good ruining every ruined everything impossible not to ruin. Somebody's well i see god destroy it. I'm like fucking tyler durden. Thanos out here ruining all side. He's going well. Parents bruins every who security thinking..

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