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Now Understatement Lula's one appearance here yeah we need more but still love it enter at number fifteen. Matthew Justice followed by number sixteen west Markley man and that's something we didn't really talk about when we talked about that match but West Barkley acting as Joshua's fucking manager played a big part Josh win in that Belt Yeah Imag got a little bit of payback here he wasn't Info just in and out enter number seventeen dare director number eighteen the w intense champion Joshua bishop coming out with the belt to and this sets up those two going forward over 'cause they eliminated themselves together brawled out of the building yeah noticing a pattern with Joshua bishop in his feuds eliminating him in his opponent from the match number Nineteen Thurston jobbers favorite wrestler Louis Lennon yeah he was in their number twenty McCain her bid. It's it's a there with razor sharp in Joey her biggest off in the evening. Okay here's the thing with this. I seen him walking around like before the show but after doors open and I was like <hes> haven't seen you in awhile. Could you be a mystery entrant and turns out yeah but I still wasn't sure because he could just been fucking hanging out well and so that's the thing I was going. Let's say because I've seen him but shows like Mount Carmel where he was just there. Wrestling just hanging out not only was jerry which I don't know if we've mentioned yeah it was Jerry not only come out but students brought out the old Virgil esque banner Jerry A._I.. W wrestling superstar never got Virgil <hes> cod forgot <hes> Gadjah enter number twenty one weird body entered number twenty twenty two worldwide and should number twenty three M J F really enter here. That's twenty three any only must've been counting his lucky stars that that he was already eliminated because engineers thought of N.. J. F. came out with sheet house. Walking around the edge of the crowd cheetos throwing cheetos people and then he ran out any freaked out but even remember he had gummy bears his two states sites injured people entered number twenty four Nasty Russ entrant number twenty five. Tim Danced Enter Number Twenty Six bobby beverly enter number twenty seven Spyder spyder Nate Webb tricky tricky man's spyder Nate Webb telling people he was an Indie. I mean he wasn't lying but I'm sure at some point that day was an Indie Crop Neat Web's the best he's another guy that could be on every w shell Oh and I would be totally five hundred percent so this is where we had Joey Vanilla walking around with him like all it doesn't matter it was going for the gold spyder. Nate Webb was walking around through the crowd. Just like normal whipped joey M J F having maybe like flashbacks from lost in New York <hes> one attracts stop playing the fucking music even fucking Kim was he. I think he was on the Mike and he said stop playing fat boy. Yeah something I get US fucking hilarious. Can I give a w fans credit for something sue anybody who sang you are my sunshine and M._J.. Mania weekend sums up it was topical with the time. I am really glad that this crowd didn't decide that it was time to still keep that shit going when of Jeff came out here it was attempted attempted but it didn't catch on well good for everybody who didn't let it catch on 'cause it's time has come and gone entrant number twenty eight Eddie Kingston Yeah Insurance Number Twenty and number twenty nine when big John Tucker. This moment is what I was laughing my ass off because like M J F getting on big twins back in talking shit. I can't wait to see these two together more real good and then there was a party that really thought that was the thing and they've M._J.. Who's going to win that he was going to be the he'll winner because of fucking taunt because he did nothing that would have been great but we have entered number thirty? We is your pocket. Do the last big reaction of the night came from thrift store chopper now little before I close we don't know but who came out. I seen this person before or the show with his gear bag and a hood up as I was scouting locations to do the interview that you hear things GonNa drop next week with Matt Wadsworth trying to figure place. I can do it outside so here. He is trying Brian to like not be seen an icy him. It was none other than fucking Kaplan and as soon as Steve Guy Count was counting down and I knew okay twenty nine entrance Kaplan is not yet I just all locked act is over to the store jobber and he flipped out fucking love it there safety first Kaplan that two yup safety. I got to have a little showed out like book. It's no secret I'm a I'm a big Tim dot span but Tim dot stole that fucking Gimmick at they got to have like a little taste of lake <hes> throwdown. I would like to see that be a real match at some point like full full on full fucking Macha Kaplan I have dot but I I mean that was Kinda brewing lascher because it was <hes> Don's donald eliminated or the stole his his hard hat and it is safety. I pose and then Danski Limited got eliminated this time. He got limited on our side and he was like he's like I'm safety. I and I was like he was safety. I knew I was safety. I I I yeah so I mean that in between thing I'll say it was. I always thought it was inbetween that or just have those to tag up a safety. I I would take that to <hes>. I'll root for Tim all hardcore that I was also so happy that number thirty because I did not know the capital was in the building. I had a couple of people spoiled for me earlier. In the day that Kaplan hadn't what potato got carried out of their forgotten that earlier indie goblet and I was like do not make Jake that's fucking potato at thirty do not Z.. T. is on the Internet all week that he was gonna Rascic after his embarrassing video ranting and raving Buck in New Jersey and and I couldn't have been happier that it was Catholic so okay in reference to that video let's play. Let's play what if game what if Okay Dave Dawson did win gauntlet for the gold so that means he would go main event absolution with filthy. Tom Lawlor would that match alone. Be Worth the what we would have to go through between Gauntlet and APSO with potato the only way I'm interested in that if it's if if it's a shoot fucking I mean could be you. Don't know it if it's like shoe plate yeah. I'll take that they'll be like ten seconds long Tom. Does he know foxwoods. Either option is okay but he wasn't in it so he didn't win it. Wasn't we've got Kaplan. Instead great the return of Captain Hope it's a regular return like he was never like Cabrillo guy but boy just to have them. You know every couple shows that'd be fantastic. He was a fun guy period like in the ring out of the ring whenever he had a match just fucking left Kaplan. I think it's hard not got to go POPs up every once in a while yeah the last time we seen him. Was it got last year. Maybe was added show eating pizza after that could be but not like working yeah this lead us to our final. Four didn't not GonNa go through eliminations that was too much to do so final four was N.. J. F. Manse Warner Joey Vanilla Woah and Eddie fucking Kingston final two was because we don't have that tweet for that was an M._g.. Often Eddie Kingston. I believe it wasn't Joey Jackson. Awesome Kingston the winner of Gauntlet for the gold fourteen none other than Eddie Fuck in Kingston Mattia and afterwards he said he is not leaving wrestling until he wins the absolute championship championship and pretty much called out filthy. Tom Lawlor so as of right now beat each other up again so as of right now absolution main event or at least the absolute title match any Kingston Versus Filthy Tom. I'm all that's GONNA be too far too. When was the last time <hes> absolution twenties seventeen whenever number that was clear to me now my with the numbers and remember the year twelve twelve fifteen was ten yeah man? I'll take that match as the main of absolution talk yeah yeah just beat each other up for a while to be real. I it was great Eddie Kingston winning. The Gauntlet is some of the best booking I've seen in A._I.. W Jared is so good love thing. If you want to look at it like that all right any final thoughts on this show now for the gold fourteen Kagan fun show top to bottom nothing really bad on the card. Have I use as he loved the show was great on paper. I thought it was going to be long like I really thought it started a little late. THOUSAND HALFWAY IS GONNA be real long. It really didn't feel long like Joe didn't the showed it and feel as long as it was <hes> and it had like there wasn't there wasn't with the exception of a match. I didn't watch so the out was I never saw bad match the whole night so great is one of these big years so if I was grading I would give that shit in a yeah same. Thing thing that I always love about gauntlet is I'd love to the end of the royal rumble match as a whole so doing the same thing here not knowing who's going to win like sometimes we get real surprises and I think this one I would lean towards surprises surprise Louis Lyndon with one of the bigger ones but other people when they won. It's you kinda see coming and it's still good but it's just leading up to absolution. I still think a lot of the other shows Jalen absolution then Helen Earth like the stables those are fun do but just the the mystique of absolute of Donald for the gold love it. I I'm a sucker for a royal rumble style match and <hes> gone for the gold delivered big time. I'm I'm going through twitter right now from from the show day 'cause that's what I've been reading the results off of. We forgot to mention the forks. Oh Yeah Howard's the Eddie Kingston Kingston Recommends Warner and Eric Ryan. This is the first five minutes of gone with and they're just like stabbing each other and not like slow stats like the fast like students while that's happening. Joey Vanilla is like in the corner slash tried to like happily the ring between the ropes like Joey sold all that shit real while while it was happening so good didn't help demands just hand gasmask tonight before the show so his head was already screwed up Kenzan. I believe man I saw some rough gifts from that match to did. He bleed a little bit against Kingston to yes. Yes yeah obviously yeah from probably mostly from the night before but still yeah fuck hey gruff weekend all right any final thoughts last minute. We're <HES> or your social media clubs for we go started the usual caveats. If you on six sign also for media very interesting person follow me whatever you choose to stating <hes> my personal stuff at Stacey overs on twitter <hes> as sobers on Instagram super-fantastic podcasts. The laziest podcast on the Internet still has not posted a new in May's looking to be real busy <hes> there's going to be at least two episodes happening and so yeah make it make up for the months where I didn't do anything so so yeah <hes> super fantastic podcast on you know wherever you get your podcast from and you can follow that on instagram at super fantastic podcast twitter at superfan casting <hes> but yeah we're doing the <hes> the transformers episode this month <hes> which is Geno the research force the bane of my existence but it'll be cool when it's done and that'll be with the rick who does those episodes leads with every time and then I've got some some normal.

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