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And the learning curve is gonna have to be different than than it is for normal rookie quarterbacks. But more than anything, this team's defense has been awful for years now, historically bad two years ago, not that much better. Last year, they addressed it with a lot of money in free agency. They've had major injuries this offseason on on on that side of the football. Really starting with fray Wayne's. Here's a guy. They paid a lot of money to be this team's number two quarterback, they went heavy on linebacker in the draft. They made a massive investment in the defense of line and D. J reader, and they've got a guy in William Jackson, the third at cornerback who has ah lot of money dangling in front of him. If he can have the kind of season in 2020 that we thought he would be having on a regular basis back in 2017. If the pieces fit on defense, I believe this team has a chance to be pretty interesting. I believe this team has a chance to be pretty competitive. Borough from week 12 Week, 17 is going to improve. There's going to be moments of frustration. There's going to be moments where he plays like a rookie. There's going to be moments where you look at that offensive line and go boy. They should have spent the money there. But to me more than anything, this defense has to make a major major leap forward for this team to be competitive. And so when I look at the defense winning yesterday, and I read about Jesse Bates and I read about the speed at linebacker And I hear what's being said about the defense of line that encourages me more than anything, because they've got to be markedly better on that side of the ball, which is what they paid a lot of money to be. They paid a lot of money this offseason to be better on defense. If this team is in the hunt in December. To me, it's going to be because their defense got him there. We're going to find out if the head coach's Dave Shula, or someone different we're going to find out the second year We'll see how that turns a looks like Dave Show a little bit. We're going to see how that works out. But still they're picked and finished third or fourth in their own division. Most of the smart money says Pittsburgh slash Baltimore in Cleveland. So much better and the Bangles we may once again you're in for the good old days of Marvin Lewis, once the playoffs five years in a row, and we've you know he was kicked out the door. But lastly, I want to get your comment on high school football Once again, San X blew it at the end how they lost that game on national TV with Rocky Boy men calling and I'll never know They had almost try to lose and they got it done. CPS is going to have a big old meeting on Wednesday. I saw Deer Park got beat up in Indian Hill that Mary might wanna watch Girls Soccer on Channel nine. They're going crazy. Mount Notre Dame is playing horse line academy at four o'clock all the high school. Sports are going accepted. CPS data has changed accurate has changed. Cleveland has changed. I look forward to Cincinnati changing in two days, not waiting a month because all the kids were at practice. The cross country's going on the boy's soccer is practicing the girls Soccer Do you see any reason for CPS not to allow games to begin when they're practicing five days a week. Anyway, I believe those decisions should be left up to parents and parents want their kids to play. I think they should have Ah, the avenue by which to do so, Um, I if they're practicing anyway, and they're engaging with one another. Yes, I believe. I believe that they should have the ability to play. I believe I've believed all along that the high school sports and new sports should should still happen because these kids are going to socialize with each other. I think there's something to be said about structure. I think there's something to be said about being in an environment that could be supervised. And obviously you hope the adults in charge are behaving responsibly in doing the right thing. And I'm to believe that overwhelmingly so that that is happening. So, yes. I hope that the kids in Cincinnati public schools can actually play in games. I hope they can participate in Band of they can participate in musical activities. Whatever extracurricular activities there are, in some cases that are keeping those kids engaged academically. I'm completely in favor for in favor up. And lastly, if by Wednesday Thursday the Cardinal's leave town And there are instead of six games up in the loss column to the Reds eight or nine games up in the loss column them with 23 games to go that gets to be almost insurmountable Mountain. The Reds have got to play with an urgency. Some games are bigger than the others, although mathematically they all count the same, but it just looks to me like after they keep treading water. At some point they have to get to five. I can't conceive of the second place team in the National League Central knotted 500, just almost statistically impossible, especially when Pittsburgh stinks. And at this point there has to be a sense of urgency. A sense we have the right manager. We have the right money. We have the right talent. We have the right to rotation. We have the right whatever it takes to win. Do you agree? The next three nights are going to be critical for your Cincinnati Reds. I think the next three nights are enormous. I just I kind of look at it like this, regardless of if it's making the wild card is the second place team or just getting the last wild card spot. I'm gonna operate under the assumption that the buy in is going to be a 500 record. 30 wins, So this team has to go 15 and 11 the rest of the way. That's roughly 5 77 baseball over the course of 162 games. That's about a 93.5 94 win pace. They still have a lot of games left against the Pittsburgh Pirates, eight of them eight against Pittsburgh because they've got to make up a couple of games that they missed during the Koven 19 scare, But they still have to go on the road and play the Cubs. They still have to go on the road and play the Cardinals. They still have to go on the road and play a good Minnesota Twins team that didn't get swept by Detroit this week. They've They've gotta win, at least at a bare minimum 15 out of 26. Wow and maybe even more 15. 26. When's that happening? Seven or eight years, any at any 26 games tragedy that happened? Good question, So this team thus far has not shown any Ability to do that. And by the way, they're at home for these three, the next 10 after that are all on the road. So, um, I'm I'm sceptre. I'm hopeful, but I'm skeptical at the same time that this team is Is going to be able to do that. It has to start tonight. Momo keep hope alive. Keep hope alive. It's alway have with the Reds is hope, A cz Michael Jordan said. It begins with hope so somehow Somehow, the Reds have to have hope. Oh, thank you very much again for coming on the Bill Cunningham show God speed and good luck. Right, Willie? Thanks. Let's continue with more after one o'clock today is Nicole Frederick, who is a volunteer in a mentor in the Cincinnati public schools who works with Withrow football players. And the whole of Frederick wants to know why. So many high schools in the tri state or playing and losing, like Saint ex and those that CPS cannot. That's after one o'clock today until then, your comments 749 £7000.700 Bill Cunningham News radio 700 wlw 700 wlw 700 wlw Coming.

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