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Current record of eleven consecutive days with at least eight tornadoes on each of the day's weather forecast. Scott Stevens with us Scott what the heck is going on like you like you preface. Just now we've got this stagnant upper air patter, with the cool unsettled conditions in the west and the hot dishes, in the southeast, which is more ticket of what should be on. The coolness is staying out west show. Larrabee wyoming. Tha? Today as long as cruel and his pattern Mejid as George nothing's gonna change. We're gonna we'll be blasted away. Scott. Thank you. A man has been fined eleven thousand dollars for trying to smuggle. Listen to this thousands of leeches into his carry on luggage, on a flight from Russia, to Canada, thousands, the stock market and economic outlook in the United States are deteriorating. According to an analysis from one of Wall Street's top investment banks renewed trade tensions and slump in economic data ranging from falling durable goods and capital, spending, do downshift in the services sector has put US profits, and economic growth at risk says Morgan Stanley that is not good. Well, as I mentioned today is my mother Georgetta was not named after her birthday, she's ninety years old. And as I promised as I've gotten so many emails, we're gonna put mom on right now. Mother had. Birthday? This is. Ninety. Took me to. We had a good dinner. We had a nice time before we get going. There's somebody who wants to wish you a happy birthday. Hello, sir. A real. Is the very. My goodness. Pat, Boone, folks singer actor. Well, I'm doing great. You know, I, I knew that one of us was soon to have a birthday. Oh my gosh. You inspire me so much. I. My mom pet's birthday Saturday. Yeah. That you may be about four days older than me. During serving the Lord every day. Gonna say you're having fun. And what you just said, is how we have extended these lives faster than we realize. With great joy with great great shift fry. You got it, Pat. Thanks limited by the Boone, Pat, Boone. He's one of the best singer actors out there and mom, you know, ninety years old, and I can remember when you I was fourteen years old. You brought me home a book called, we are not alone by Walter Sullivan, who is the time New York Times science writer in that really set me on the path to wanting to explore all these mysteries. But in your ninety years, what lessons can you give to us? What things are out there. My goodness. We're gonna ask me. Just, you know, I start my day every day in Chris, Sam says this is the day, your Laura's made let us rejoice him died. I say that prayer, and then I shot off to pine myself, you know, like do yoga. I claim the ad every day. I fully I volunteer, volunteer. The people, I'm helping myself. You remember us to tell you and I don't mind is the devil's workshop and learned when the bell rang, we had company, I should quit. Quit straighten up the house. I don't do that anymore. And if it's not sparkling clean. I just welcome everybody in my neighbors. I'm not them again. I'm not ever gonna complain about getting older, Honey, because. My younger people pass away today. I know along get caught up with buying stuff like I used it with member. That sometimes let's stuff you have the ladylike field. I once heard that we spend most of half of our life, buying stuff and accumulating things, then the second part of your life, you'll get rid of it. So and then I go on each doing I have to do it night. Of course, I say my president, I thank God for the day, and that's how it goes every once in a while you listen to coast to coast, don't you? I certainly do. I stay up. Listening to a great surprise couple of weeks ago in Columbus, Ohio, at our live stage show were Tom heads. You come up to surprise me on stage as I was up there, ready to sing. Our final song you popped right up. And that was a great gift. Well, look, I want you to hear a little gift that my engineering, staff has put together for you mom, just stay on the phone because I'm going to. Let me just end. Can interrupt my mom? We've always been so proud of you on to call you my son. Oh, thank you so much. Stay down the phone because want you to hear something..

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