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To touch on the jets for a little bit who are sitting at the number three pick in the draft we're gonna head out to the hotline and welcoming connor us who covers the jets for the athletic and is also an nfl insider for ssi tv could give them a follow on twitter at connor underscore j underscore us and he's kind enough to join us right now zac yelp show on cbs sports radio connor appreciate a few minutes thanks for the time how are you well thank you for coming on so before we get to the draft in the building up for thursday night to see what the jets will do at three give me a little recap on this jets off season up to date so far it's been it's been obviously pretty interesting i guess is probably the best way to describe it you know they they began the off season with with the most salary cap space of any team in the nfl the obviously began the off season with quite a few holes as well so they were able to plug it tremaine johnson is a tremendous cornerback in one of the better in the league and the jets now are able to go ahead and add into the roster avery williamson is another outta love he signing the jets were able to get done he's a he's pretty much like a younger version tomorrow the day so they were able to by letting tomorrow with david go actually improved the position they're with a younger version there on the twenty six year old williams and they went out there they were they signed spencer along the former center from the washington redskins are hoping he can stay healthy and be a pretty good player for them at the middle of their offense blind and then kind of the underrating signing a little bit which could be one of those moves that you're not too many people talk about when it's done but you know when when the season wrapped up you're talking about it being one of the better moves of the entire off seasons assigning throughout prior you know a big physical guy a couple years ago i had a really good season with brown not so hot last year with the washington redskins but you know he kinda gets a new start with the jazz on a.

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