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But or like, you can't just drive you couldn't just take it to the whole second. Right. Like, you know, I mean, not with Rick Mahorn or big Bill Laimbeer clogging, the lane put down your. But you know, I mean, he was he's playing different era. So did guys work out nearly as much as he does. No, no. But I'm just saying if you know if you take any guide from this era put him in that area would they be able to adjust like 'cause you're product of your environment. If you have the system in the shooting you'd be tougher. I mean, right. I'm just saying I we're at work today and presume reason we got into we watched the the pistons Pacers fight and then led into a bunch of other videos, but one of them was pretty much just fights from N B NBA and most of them were in the eighties because dudes were probably all coked up and his losing their mind. I mean, it was just a different league back then -solutely, but I wouldn't want say like fights were allowed like they are in hockey. But like, yeah, there was a lot of men all all back in the day. Now, it seems like everybody has to be so composed and professional because of their millions of dollars. But you know, I mean Bill Abeer Rick Mahorn these guys used to swing guys in a game. And they wouldn't even be jetted. Yeah. That's like you're out of the game. You're out of the game and technical it's a multiple game suspension to nowadays, you're out. So I mean nowadays they don't play defense like they did like the pistons. Oh, four era. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty much. Just like these guys are just prattling is now five. Yeah. Yeah. They like just breaking records, fourteen three pointers, clay or Tristan times. Clay Thomas, forget fourteen three pointers in the game. The other day. I'm like now, you would not have been able to do that with Chauncey in rip intake, Sean prints. No a guard in the perimeter. Nobody would be hitting and they didn't dirty d like the bad boys. Dead. You know, they played just hard nosed and professional in lockdown. But you can't even I don't know the they will get it. They want scores with football nowadays. People the score. It's good for ratings, and you know, fantasy leagues and lines got killed in. I didn't even..

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