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Plus and reside in a state for such activity as legal to open a wage ring account. If you have a gambling problem, call or text 805 two two 4700, Caesar's race book get bonuses right out of the gate. All right, we owe you prices from both Saratoga and Gulfstream park. So we're going to start up at the spa, where we actually have a couple of stake races during our window this afternoon. The first of which was race number 7, the $200,000 funny side where most of the betting public thought number 5 and yaml forensic was the logical one to beat. He was sent off at three to 5 at post time and he did not disappoint broke on top and went on to win by about four lengths on the yaml of forensic two year old dark bay or brown coat by spite town out of the length of your my every wish makes him a half brother to forensic fire. Also owned by mister amore stable and trained by Kelly breen irad Ortiz junior was aboard and he paid three 32 30 and two ten second four donegal surges, three 20 to ten. Third one acoustic avenue, two 20, fourth, 6th general banker, dollar exact a four 40. The 50 cent tried $3 55 cents. The dollar super $58 and 70 cents. Also oya prices over at Gulfstream park where we saw a pretty good-looking first time starter, get the job done there. It was race number four on the card. Safi Joseph junior sent out two first time starters and he got the win with number 7 looking for hope. She's a two year old chestnut Philly by practical joke out of the pleasantly perfect Bella kalina. I actually played a pretty nice golf course north of Orlando named Bella colina. Looking for hope owned by Pete vague so trained by safi Joseph junior, written to victory by The Kentucky Derby winning jockey this year, Sunny Leone, looking for hope paid $7, $4 and three 20 significantly less than rich striked it. Second was number 8 collectively 5 23 80 told you this looked like a first time starter for Joe catanese that probably could run a little bit. Third was number four stuck in Malibu at three 20, fourth number 9 free form. $2 exact at 37 40, the $2 one 22 80, the dollar super, $826 and 50 cents. Checking where we are at both Saratoga and Gulfstream park 20 minutes away from the 5th at Gulfstream. Ten minutes away, horses in the paddock they've been saddled waiting for the riders to come out for the upcoming 8th race at Saratoga. This is the yaddo handicap race that was supposed to be a mile and a 16th on the inner turf and now has been moved to the main track. So my question for this race is because I'm looking at the conditions. Does a mile and a 16th turf race move to a mile and an 8th or a mile on the main track now? And it doesn't say in the condition so unfortunately I don't have this for you. I'm trying to look and watch this as I as I tell you, but it is for Phillies and mayors that are New York breads and they're going for a purse of $200,000. Several scratches in here scratch numbers four, 5, 7, 8, 9, ten and 11. So we just have a field of 5 left going to post and right now the favorite is number 6, make mischief for Mark Cassie and Dylan Davis will update you on that as we go forward. As I mentioned, we are on the verge of a huge weekend races around the country. There are breeders cup win and you're in races at del mar. There's breeders cup win and you're in races at Saratoga and probably more importantly to some people. It's Travers day. Tomorrow at Saratoga. First of all, shout out to our producer Lee de la pina who week after week comes up with these great race calls it seems like from my childhood. And getting to hear voices like Marshall Cassidy in New York or like Phil George Jeff in Chicago from way back when and hearing some of these great horses that we saw when we were kids winning these big races, we all wanted her chief's crown winning the 85 edition of the Travers when you just heard 49er winning the 1988 edition of the traverse. And I'm sure Lee has got a few more up his sleeve. Speaking of the Travers, we're going to speak with trainer Kelly von hemer about 20 minutes from now. He's going to send out Iowa Derby champ ain't life grand in tomorrow's grade one $1.25 million traverse stakes. You don't see a lot of horses go from Prairie Meadows to the Travers at Saratoga, but you got to take a shot sometime. I like what they're doing. It doesn't mean I think he's going to win the race, but I definitely think he's better than other people think in the race. Now, maybe that's a hometown thing. Maybe it's the fact that I've gotten to see him up close. I usually am not that kind, you know, that kind of sentimentalist when it comes to these things. I'm going to say this though. And you're going to think I'm crazy. I'm going to say this. I think the Iowa Derby winner has a better chance of winning the Travers than The Kentucky Derby winner.

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