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Blake. Snell had Perfect game into the seventh inning. He allowed pair of walks in the top of that seventh, but he was well, we're waiting to hear the results of 212 out situation with Joe Adele. But even for all of Snell's great word, the Padres have only three hits on the night. And the No hitter is done, and so is the lead as Joe Adele, with a base hit, has scored a pair of runs and the Angels lead. The Padres two to nothing in the seventh inning at Petco one other game still going on there in the eighth inning in Phoenix, the Rangers lead the Diamondbacks 321. As for the finals, the Pirates got a two run single from Ben Gamel in the sixth inning that gave them a 32 advantage. That was the final score in their game with Detroit. One time Rocky Sam Howard got the win for the buccos. Pete Alonso. He had homers number 31 32. He has now hit 101 home runs in his career. He is one of the fastest players in baseball history. To get to 100 home runs Cookie. Carrasco, who has been out much of the year with the leg issue, got his first win as a Met. New York beats Miami 9 to 4 as he Albee's hit a two run homer. Adam Duvall hit a three run homer for all these. It was his fourth straight game with a home run. Braves at home, beat Washington 8 to 5. The Red Stop the Cubs seven game winning streak. Jonathan India and Nick Castano's had a home runs to back Wade. Miley. You want his 12th? Cincinnati four, Chicago three. Eric Lower, went seven shutout innings, scattering four hits to win his fifth of the year. Four different brewers had at least two r B I s Milwaukee blanked Philadelphia 10 to nothing. In what might be one of his final games in ST Louis Albert holes, would hit a home run in his first at bat for the Dodgers. It would be a pair of homers from Justin Turner and another one from Will Smith in the Dodgers, 7 to 2 victory over the Cardinals. The Dodgers used on a bullpen night. Nine different pitchers over the course of the nine innings to get the seven to win. That's the Chevy Sports Desk scoreboard. We'll wrap things up in a moment on the Ko Iraqis radio network. Thanks for listening to K away news radio. Don't.

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