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With the russell family a few generations ago for him cromwell's head was a family relic despite the bold claim russell treated the head more like a prop than sacred heirloom russell would take the head to parties and pass it around over time the head was damaged further receiving additional fractures and cracks and losing teeth some way to treat your ancestor i still can't believe he did that with a real human skull well russell was using cromwell as a tool for buchan nalia a man named james cox heard about the skull and sought to purchase it russell refused to part with the skull cox persisted as time went on russell fell deep in debt eventually he tried to pawn the skull off to sidney sussex cromwell's old alma mater the school refused not believing the heads authenticity with nowhere else to turn wrestle finally sold the head to james cox cox was a renowned goldsmith toy man and clockwork of the time he to owned a museum but it had closed down by the time he got hold of the skull many historians who followed cromwell's head like jonathan fitzgibbons who wrote the book cromwell's head believe cox simply wanted the head to sell it off at a higher price and cox did sell it so who got the head next you ask well a trio of brothers known only as the hughes purchase the head in seventeen ninety nine for two hundred and thirty pounds like depre before them they too were curator's of private collections the brothers prided themselves on acquiring artifacts related to cromwell the head was going to be their magnum opus with it they plan to open a big exhibition the hughes brothers handed out flyers and put up posters all across london for their bond street exhibition but most people believe the head was a fake the brothers couldn't truly verify the head was cromwell's or not when they pressed former owner james cox about the matter he was allusive giving only a few details about russell with no credible evidence to back up the head the exhibition failed the head fell back into obscurity with one of the hughes daughters keeping it safe every now and then however people would ask to see the head.

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