Rocky Goldberg, Stevie Richards, Mcmahon discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard


Hammer fourteen minutes and forty two seconds in and w even publishes a story about goldberg's commitment to wwe fitting in with the other wrestlers quote it has been rocky goldberg said the whole situation's been rocky whether i came here with the wcw stigma or whatever it may be differences of opinion between myself and the office the boys or whatever and that's all in the past it just took a little bit of time to iron all that stuff out a very pleased to be a part of the team and i do consider myself part of the team i'm just honored to be here a very comfortable now whereas felt like an outsider before and goldberg said being given the w title rain opportunity has given him quote a little bit of confidence that i'd lost i'd be the i'd be the first to admit that what do you make a goldberg's comments here w b dot com i think he was being politically correct but but it's all true i mean it's all that's pretty much all shook out so you guys go from he's working with christian and rodney mack and stevie richards and in a wig and now he's world title if you guys were saying publicly to investor calls with mcmahon hold the microphone hey this has been disappointing and the rock wanting out of it and how chev reports paying that the match hunters not good why give him the fucking world title trying something else dishonor assume this is one of those give him enough rope you'll hang himself deals no we're trying something else trying to make trying to make it work and you know all those things were disappointing but you don't give up and we had him for a year so we're trying to make the most out of it you gotta you can't.

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