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Were injured but have been listed in stable condition? Law Enforcement was on scene throughout throughout the night. We will continue to follow up on this story and update you on any of its developments. Our next story brings us to Alabama a five year old. To nary more junior was shot and killed in Birmingham on Saturday December seventh police responded to a call about about a person who was shot outside a North Birmingham apartment complex. On Saturday officers found areas on the ground. According to reports sports he suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was transported the Children's hospital where he was pronounced dead Birmingham. Police chief Scott Prater told. Al Dot Com. That two of the boy's relatives shot at each other during an argument and the boy was subsequently. Hit in the crossfire. Neighbors told the news outlet that they'd heard multiple gunshots and the owner of a nearby grocery store said he had to take cover to avoid getting hit. Investigators found multiple shell casings in the complexes. Parking lot an out in the street when reporters asked chief Prater whether Canarias Canarias mom was involved he replied quote. We're speaking to the mother right now and trying to find out what exactly happened out here. What I do know? Oh is that. It's always a terrible thing when you lose a child out on the street. The seems to be compounded during the holiday season. Nobody wants to see that. But when it's a child who is with the person they trust the most and something like this happens. It's heartbreaking to areas. Junior played youth football and was named All Star just mere hours before the shooting in a sad coincidence scenarios more. Junior's father tune areas more senior died. When Mary it was three he was also a victim of gun? Violence he was shot after a feud with another man and his shooting was ruled justified. Multiple people have been detained in. Police are still looking to interview more witnesses in other news. CNN and reports that twenty-seven-year-old Rossi. Laura Theo Adams the second.

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