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The guy's ahead of him are viewed like billy hamilton and d gordon and brett gardner and people like that you just would not expect to see pucklechurch meant on that leaderboard like you have to go like a hundred places down the base running runs leaderboard to find the next fulltime first baseman on their heads just not a profile that exists really an mckay who used to coach for the cardinals compared him to albert holst who was also not very fast but a very good base runner in his prime and obviously both of these guys are such great players aside from the base running that they definitely don't have to be good baserunners if they don't care to be but both of them seemed driven to just be the best at everything and goldschmidt basically is i don't know whether we reach the point where saying goldschmidt is underrated happens so often that he is now not underrated i dunno people listening to this podcast i'm sure knowhow apocalypse as but maybe to the typical fan he is still not quite as famous as he should be yeah i dunno if there is a category where i'd rather at an i don't know if there's a more fitting category gifts for goldschmidt to be a leading than just sold i guess be offense because that's what he's really good at but the the stolen bases just the fact that he's not only still stealing but still stealing a bunch maybe steel even better than ever it's just it's outstanding it's just a perfect reflection of alcohol goldman is basically just good at everything just everything across horta nobody seems to care i know that's not true for the audience for this podcast carr's these people actually know baseball but yeah i think he is absolutely still on the rated because i think that there is almost no way for diamondbacks player not to be very underrated if he's quite good doesn't yet best player in the national league this year by then graphs were at least walks almost as often as he strikes out has great power hits for average.

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