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By that TV show the ice cube show. Keep is one of the refreshing. All right. You don't have to say those words. Okay. Case, thinking about saying the words, where is Mark Gabala Dobbin. Did I get your name right? Mark gaveled album. Yeah. How do you, how do you say it? Okay. See, that's what I said. Market Gabaldon. Okay. So we already heard ice cube. I mean, I guess you could, you know it's up to you what you want to say. But if I were you go ahead. Tichy save our asses. But if you've got some other suggestion, it's your call. What do you think will down on. I t. or Ben Stiller I guess. Tom would have to recuse himself because he's written three of the best, Ben's still shit. Let's go with Bentsur. All right. So we're doing ice t and ice cube. Holmes films of either gentlemen and we start with her Kurt? Yes. What do you got. Get over fast. I love it is up to name movies. Yes, Kurt. It's your turn to name movies. No, you have to name a movie that either one of those gentlemen is in just one and then we'll move onto art and gets to go next. I'm sorry. I apologize. Tim gets very much. Doing him favors. I am so fucked. Can I go to your lifeline right away? Let's to that. All right. What's your lifelines name. Is it on what's his name on the front. Air. Sorry, Mary, thank you, Mary, Mary, what do you got for ice tea or ice cube? Straight outta Compton. Great job. Mary size cube shows up like at the end or something because it's about him as young men played by. I don't know if he's in that or not. I don't think he. She says, you see, at the end. No, how do we? How will we even know that if it's true go? 'cause I decide that is true. Interesting. And then I, the corrections department will deal with it later. That's Tim is not a threat in this game. Everybody we can let them last one round. I agree with Doug. Yeah, try to be nice. Yeah, let's try shot all over the valley right now. Let's play failed dreams. You could be on your phone my ring tomorrow. Oh, god. I don't even want to imagine all I saw your head. Right? Just what we're looking for. So I'm gonna. I'm gonna say, I'm gonna go with my lifeline and say straight out of calm. Yeah, I think he probably his image probably appears somewhere towards towards the end or something right. All right. Well, we'll we'll deal with that later. Although the corrections department is off for the summer Kurt. Any movie got ice cube. I'm gonna phone. Oh, you're calling you not know Friday Friday. Thank you. Is next Friday a movie. Thank you. Miracle Kurt, Kurt was my miracle. First of all, it was supposed to go this way. I would say this. Well, fuck you. So the answer could happen on this. The answer is, are we there yet? Oh, very nice. I don't think he needed mic drop after every. Do I have you have slippery figures still is my turn. I like to play along. Don't take yours. Yeah, I hope I don't trust you. Got your maybe not trespass. Okay. Okay. What's yours? Friday after next? Yes. Yeah. Trilogy. Our back to Kurt. He used his lifeline already. Oh, I didn't. I just said you did. No. You're right. You haven't used. Yeah, I'm still I like involving people, so. Okay. Now you're now you're going to go to your life sign. So. So. Tang tanker also I'll go with my lifeline tank girl. Very good, ten girl. Right. So has to go to. Hey, thanks candy. The cigarettes. Out. I love that we live in a state where would be worse to give a child candy and cigarettes. Marijuana. Hey. I got nothing. Nothing both ways. All right. Thank you for playing competitive. Really. I was great. Hi, thank you. Hard hard. Thank you, Tom. What do you think. You need to use your microphone voice. My options are either. Tea or cube. Either one, did you forget Tom. Hi. Don't do crowd work. A lot of stuff happens into tween the things, so it was an amazing movie. You forget the one that I add. That's my goal. And. Those are property on the subway and Christopher Walken is involved..

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