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Coming august twentieth from thirty for thirty podcasts and the undefeated a story of basketball scandal and power in los angeles in any way you will for decades the l._a. Clippers were a laughingstock. Perhaps the worst and most poorly run franchise in all of sports and trendy los angeles. Two things are consistent the lakers win and the clips lose but then in the middle of the two thousand fourteen playoffs. The clippers suddenly got more attention than they could handle when the whole world heard this tape bam. Ask yourself walking with black people in bothersome. That's clippers owner donald sterling <unk> arguing with his mistress. Why can't you be walking with black people. Does it matter why yellow i ah we're devoting this entire season to a five parts story. The sterling affairs how that leaked tape of donald sterling led to one of the biggest scandals in sports and changed the n._b._a. Forever and it's hosted the ramona shelburne one of e._s._p._n. Top n._b._a. Reporters los angeles native herself and someone who's been following the story from the moment it broke. I must say that. I was rather naive when i bought the team in three different seasons. They didn't even win twenty games that makes them the losing est n._b._a. Team of the eighties eighties problems with the clippers owner ran deeper than mismanaging his franchise. He'd harass players as they ran up and down the court. Hey pooh pooh richardson. I'll pay you enough goddamn while the guys in the game put his hand on my shoulder. Rum and ladies muscles might mom's on the sweat a little bit. He just kept uh-huh balk. When donald sterling's mistress leaked tape it forced to recognise that it takes it's our game and we can have the players taking control and demanding change. These young men have millions of people following them and they know it all all land shut down a whole season. Donald sterling story is the n._b._a. Story but it's also l. a.'s story. His name was on half of beverly hills. He was the largest residential landlord in l._a. County i'm gonna use the term slum lord. You have a zero tolerance policy against housing in discrimination based on race correct. I would think so the things donald sterling said got to the heart of race and power our in sports and our society. I support them and give them food clothes and houses plantation metality who who makes the dean's. Why did it take thirty years to finally whole donald sterling accountable. People pretend tend to be so appalled. Yang knew who he was. Why are you surprised that's the sterling affairs from thirty for thirty podcasts in association with the undefeated featuring original interviews with blake griffin doc rivers commissioner adam silver shelly sterling and many more hosted by ramona. I shelbourne all five episodes available august twentieth more information thirty for thirty podcasts dot com slash sterling.

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