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Jordan. David talked about his new song by dirt. That features luke bryan butter is a song. Qena me a couple months. In the pandemic we couldn't tour music. Everything was at a standstill on it kind of i came to the realization of man. Really all you need. Is your faith your family. Your friends and music's great. And i love and i'm happy i get to do it but at the end of the day Those are those are three things that i need to always keep the top of my list. by dirt is my kind of pledge to that. I'm morgan number two. That's your skinny. It's time for the good news. Kid in alabama found a surprising new hobby during the pandemic. and now he's inspiring others to do it with him. His name is oliver caver. He started picking up trash in his fort morgan community and had so much fun doing it. His family just held a litter rodeo to encourage others to reduce reuse and recycle. The event had participants clean up garbage at the fort morgan state historic site in awarded more than thirty five hundred prizes. People had trash bags. They had teams. They had groups. Things like heaviest bag things like. There's all kinds of ways to win in the end. The rodeo rounded up more than five hundred seventy six pounds of trash in just an hour. That's a lot of garbage trucks quote. I think it's real good because of all the trash that needed to be cleaned up. He's five years old and they cleaned up all that trash because of him. That's a great story. That is what it's all about. That was telling me something good. It's time for eddie. The oldest on our show already two years old versus morgan number two the youngest on our show twenty seven years old in a game of generational trivia. It's elder versus millennial. Here we go up i. He's a data four. I call them the hispanic who don't panic his hair. Maybe thinning but that will matter if he keeps winning producer. Thank you i guess. I'm running out of rhymes every week. His opponent she runs all our digital she posts on social media frequently and she has a boyfriend secretly. It's morgan number two. And i'm always a little anxious when i bring out her secret boyfriend. Because what if it's not anymore morgan. We still good so you still secret boyfriend. You'll just kind of hit me off right. Yes i will. I promise i will share soon as i'm ready. No i'm saying even if i yeah. Yeah oh yeah. it's not it just be like. Hey it's over. And i'll just go like. Hey morgan no longer has boyfriend at all. Okay okay. Because the last thing i want to do is be here going. She got to boy for the mortgage bills. Which is like oh no. I don't all awkward. Do you just let me know. I want to be what should be a half. Step ahead of me okay. I'll let you know either way. All right plan to five scores morgan. Three eddie to yup. I come on. These are all questions and morgan. Were probably know the answer. Day made popular by migo song. Well word is used to describe people things and places that are definitively high class. Ooh i don't know anything about this. Migos group they popular by me. Go zone. I the three guys but i don't know a lot of their music. I the first word that came to my mind was boozy so boozy. Now that's ratchet. That's another song. But i'm going anyway. Buji the answer is buji. Bouche ratchet don't mean the same thing song ratchet bucci. I guess cooking say cnor them life. Okay here we go m. f. w. is an online abbreviation the stands for what m s. W yeah can you say that. No chance let's not that. Thanks amy m. f. w. bones and what was the second part what you said it. It's an online abbreviation that stands for what. Oh boy I feel like four w. f. me i gotta be careful. This is four win. You know like four. The win like isn't f. T. twa four the wind so m. f. w. most gosh man that's throwing me off most frequently one now most frequently one that's incorrect still m. f. w. do you know what that means. I don't think i can steal because everything that's coming to. My mind is a bad word. And i don't think that's correct. Yeah no. I'm not even gonna say anything because i'm gonna say m. f. w. Is my face win win. Oh my like don't even makes sense face when you scare me and you put it in a mode. These millennials eddie final question singer and swimmer cody. Simpson used to date. What pop singer cody simpson. Yeah i dunno. Swimmer just tried out for the olympics. Ross jillian early missed. Qualifying idea cody. Simpson he dated Me may. I was just about to go ashley simpson. But that's that's too many simpson's Give me a. Selena gomez incorrect morgan. I know you'll get this one right. Go ahead miley cyrus. That's correct pretty reason to all the kids know. Eddie i do like cody simpson. You do yeah like that kind of music. You don't have to give me a look. And i'm like i do appreciate that. My kids listen to that. All right morgan. Number to hear your questions. These are questions. Eddie will know the answer to. Are you familiar with garfield the cat. Yeah kinda what's garfield favorite food that Why why he is the cat. That's like orange. Yellow cats like mouse mice but he probably likes skittles or something like that Not water gremlins. What is garfield the cats favorite food. Is it cheetos. it is not cheetos. Yeah it is lasagna. Say that morgan. American top forty hosted by this famous radio. Personality premiered fifty one years ago this week. What's his name. I'm gonna play you a clip of his voice. There you go here. We go with the top forty hits in the nation this week on american top forty the best selling and most played songs from the atlantic to the pacific from canada mexico. And the next three hours. We'll countdown the forty most popular hits in the united states. This week voice. what. I don't think i can. I don't know that voice at all. American top forty hosted by this famous radio personality premier fifty one years ago this week. That's like thirty. Oh my lanta ryan seacrest hosted now. And that's who i was gonna guess but then these play the voice and that is not who that is but also did ryan vermeer it when he was born. I mean before. He's like negative four five. I mean i don't mario lopez doesn't even sound like him. Even my head morgan. The shows fifty one. I'm grasping at straws here. I don't i don't know anybody that's.

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