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C. oncology hematology care a man who was allegedly driving by protesters outside of last night's rally was arraigned this morning for misdemeanor assault Dallas Frazier caught on video getting out of a pick up truck and punching a man in his sixties Frasier pleaded not guilty and saw his bond set at ten thousand dollars he's now in the Butler County jail under indictment on four counts of aggravated murder thirty seven year old girl seeing as been extradited from Connecticut back to Butler County he's accused of killing his wife and her family in Westchester earlier this year and then calling nine one one to report that he found their bodies sing could be sentenced to death if he's convicted his attorney says he's innocent all town in graves county Kentucky going to be turning out some big political news this weekend the one hundred thirty nine Daniel fancy far picnic is Saturday on the grounds of St Jerome Catholic Church it's the unofficial start of the fall campaign season in Kentucky this year's picnic will feature a showdown between political rivals Matt Bevin in in the bush here the Republican governor and his democratic challenger will both be on stage the speaker list also includes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell his democratic challenger AB the grass will not be there the candidates for Attorney General Greg Stumbo and Daniel Cameron are on the list another highlight of the fancy for pick that can be found on the menu barbecue pork and button I'm Paul miles on Wall Street today the Dow lost ninety eight points nasdaq fell one hundred seven the S. and P. dropped twenty two news.

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