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To see more is very generic statements that certainly are accurate but they don't have the detail to enable really what I think is gonna be the best practices forty eight states have at least partially reopened today several regions in hard hit New York joined them at Griffin is getting back to his fleet feet sports store in Syracuse which will be open by appointment only starting a war side of caution I think that's the best way to go for the long term success of both our community and our business president trump says he's making sure the country is ready for future pandemics we're launching a monumental effort at a medical supply warehouse in Allentown Pennsylvania the president again accused his predecessor of leaving the cupboard bare Mr trump announced a plan to boost the strategic national stockpile of masks and other medical necessities instead of one to three weeks worth of supplies we had less than that the U. S. government will now stop while three whole months much of it made in the USA Steven Portnoy a CBS news Washington the house is expected to pass another stimulus package along party lines today CBS's bill Rakoff three trillion dollar plan aims relief and state and local governments first responders mortgage and rental assistance and provides twenty five billion dollars to shore up the ailing US postal service Republicans with few exceptions are expected to oppose the we'll say no more money should be allocated until it's seen how the relief money already in the system is working out a restaurant in LA is using biometrics to screen workers for covert nineteen Jesse Perella runs lemonade in Larchmont village a reality is this if cities can't recover there will be no national recovery they just stand in front of the tablet and they were professional.

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