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You'll you you've probably already voted on it by the time. You're listening to this anything else from this game, though, you know, again, another quality rockets win they continue to to rip off these ws here without Chris Paul without air, Gordon and last night, it was Gerald green threes Tucker and Gerald green along with heart and doing his thing. I thought it was an impressive win period. James harden, wasn't you know, the sexy James harden we've seen over the last month. He had a good game because he's James harden. But not an crazy good game. And you don't have Chris Ball. And you don't have Eric Gordon, and you still win because as PJ Tucker said, hey, we've got our own big three hear me, Chris Paul and James art, he's he's throwing himself. He's wide. Yeah. Well, I don't know if he's he said his own big three. Maybe he wasn't including himself. He just said to my own. L is playing well now that was a good win. That was a good win because they doubled harden along. Yeah. It was pretty pretty ordinary. I thought last night Capella just roll to the rim. Whenever you want. Jesse do and they and it worked for big. I mean going into the game. If you said James harden was going to have thirty two you'd think well, they're not gonna win without Chris Paul, and Eric Gordon, but everybody else made them pay. Tucker was on fire, fourteen assists matches up pretty well. With cappella getting thirty one points, right Yokich can't really hang with cappella when he has space to run or has a little bit of a runway to get away from him. So they would double drop it dunk mode. Yeah. Do meet in the playoffs. It's going to be a very difficult match him saying four Yokich with that. They're just going to put him in every pick and roll because you've got Capello the rim runner. And and then it might come down to like. Yeah. Maybe the smart thing is to continue to double heart and get it out of his hands because he's either going to drive find a Cappello or do a step back three. So you make a Gerald green? Try and hit six threes you make Tucker try and hit seven threes. We'll try us them. Yes, you're right. And he's streaky. I mean, he's on he's on. But you know, we've seen the rockets missed twenty seven straight threes before then. We've seen Hardin have turnover problems especially in the playoffs. So if you're making it tough on getting the ball of his hands. Maybe that ball just floated a little bit too much in the passing lanes Goodwin Goodwin from the rockets and the other thing from last night that I wanted to hear from you guys on about the team specifically Gregg Popovich, she tied Jerry sloan's one thousand two hundred and twenty one career wins. Thanks to the Spurs. One nineteen one zero seven win at Detroit that puts a pop to third all times that race loan third or second. Can't remember off don't matter. Okay. Who are top too? Who are top to? Well, Lenny Wilkins, George and Don Nelson. Yeah. Yeah. No, George, Don is one dons one Lenny to done Lenny and now, Greg with Jerry. But the Spurs are they the hottest team in the league right now? Or is that the rockets is that another team like, maybe the bucks or they've been unbelievably offensive offensively since I guess December first, right? Yeah. Well, that was that was coming off to the big losses at Minnesota. And then at home to Houston they lost by thirty. And since then pub Pub Vicenzo Vicenzo matches. matches said, okay. This is not supposed basketball. Let's just go back to doing what we do. You know, not the prettiest, but it's just a fee, effective and officiant, and I I guess if you're talking pure streaks, they probably the hottest team right now. Because obviously the rockets lost and then the bucks lost as well to the raptors. But that you watch the Spurs, and you think is there even an all-star on that team. I mean, I know probably they probably get one..

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