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I'm going to study up on serial killers yeah and nothing about his behaviour made him an asshole that you couldn't forgive by the end exact because that's that's a lot of one haringey out when you're trying to make a character a red herring they behave in such a ridiculous way that they are a villain regardless await like they shall shalaji wonder whatever the fuck the third young overdue yeah or most most of the regionally is in the lifeguard where he like coroner's her in his gross like a waiting game hunting ray peru that's right and he like makes her look at him while he's like flexing and talk about how he exercises in there yet as fucking weirdo exercises at a big game rome fucking crazy brief bid to terrible so it's nothing like a red herrings are when you find out that there were just red herrings it's like okay that is an explanation i accept yup and it there is nothing that i can't forgive that character for ya especially with durham it was like oh eaves sticking out not telling her everything yeah well yeah but in the context in which we learn about it it seems like it could be a big deal yeah yeah and another thing that happens in this book which i as also thought was like cool an interesting um was that likes the town generally like finds out that she's got these like psychic powers yoga and the parents of the vape talking about a local girl who's writing them and their psychic ability gab gab neighbor barney mrs barnes uh sees the police car parked out front a couple of times and so of course things get connected yale mom rightly points out is going to happen yes um and so at this they have this ike church.

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