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The money Expert analysis Does that mean you're focusing on banks and other financials Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com and Bloomberg the world is listening Technology poised to play an increasingly bigger role in the future of the garment industry Experts say AI automation and even 3D printing could revolutionize supply chains and eliminating waste and infusing sustainability Bloomberg quick takes Christine Edwards explains Everyone wants to get that new Christmas sweater But all those sweaters as fun as they may be are part of a big sustainability problem facing the garment industry There's a lot of inefficiency in the supply chain today There's environmental problems There's social problems because there's a very exploitative nature of some of the supply chains And then you also have a customer experience for the brands and retailers It takes a long while and there to hold a lot of inventory Design produce cell That standard procedure for the industry these days But new technologies are poised to shake that up by eliminating waste and infusing sustainability into the supply chain Creating a new paradigm design cell produce One company involved in this is software automation who's developing robots that manufacture on demand clothing using 3D printing technology We apply advanced machine vision technology computer vision along with AI and robotics to essentially allow us to work with fabric and be extremely flexible and stretchy and all kind of good stuff and then create from roll of fabric to our finished garment In this case t-shirts What it does is it allows us to reimagine how clothing is produced and having it made on demand in local supply chains to the customer We want to be focused on zero inventory initiatives which means ecommerce small brands online merchants who don't have the capacity or don't want to carry inventory So we started with them as the core customer base for the initial factory One such potential customer would be designers like gannett Goldstein I work for another 3D scan So I'm stunning the body to get the exact measurements of specific person so I can design these garments in three dimensional space and 3D printing afterwards The future is really about customization so you can design.

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