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Well, basically what I knew is what my government in my country. We do everything Yvonne to free no zero Notre sponsor for the fact that I was code. I was detained. And it was a decision of my chapters the one to blame. So will do everything they can would they will notes bound to succeed if they decided to kill us. We'll have killers have killed many people. So break that down for us a little bit. Obviously there are there is a different policy between European governments and the US and the UK on this issue. But how do you think from what you know, governments or their intermediaries or whatever reach out to ISIS types, and and make these kinds of deals. How does a successful release of a hostage after paying around some happen? Well, it's very variable in every case, it's different. And that's what's so important. That's why you need a policy of maximum flexibility. In some cases, there are, you know, in the case of the French. There's a small sort of Crisis Group that operates within the say, and they work through the intelligence services, and they make these connections, and there's legend -ly, I don't know. All the details is allegedly a pool that they can access when they when they choose to pay ransom. I looked at the Spanish government, and they they. While they officially deny. There's there's lots of evidence that direct negotiations and other cases, there are private intermediaries. Every case is different. Every circumstances is different. And the question is will your government respond for you? Do they feel? They have an obligation or do they have a policy of no concessions? It sort of depends to a large extent of the politics of that particular country. And what is what the what the voters if you will believe is the government's responsibility so positive what CPJ does and full disclosure. I'm a board member have been for a long time. Is to also work to protect the lives of journalists. Not just in these situations, but their ability to work get them out of prison, and the like what is CPJ doing now to try to get some accountability for the brutal murder of Jamal kashogi end. It is extraordinarily to say. And it's horrible and heartbreaking to say that the level of violence against journalists seems to exponentially ratchet up the Saudi government has been directly implicated at the highest level in this brutal execution and murder premeditated and the tactics employed where the tactics of a terror group, and what is so particularly galling setting is that the Trump administration has become an accessory after the fact of this brutal crime, they are facilitating and helping the Saudi government cover up this crime. They are not demanding accountability. They are not pushing the Saudis to. Come clean about this. They are making excuses for them that not only inhibits the possibility of a chief Justice in this horrible murder. It sends a terrible message to governments around the world that they can kill journalists and as long as you have a relationship with the United States and with the. With the with the Trump administration. You will not be held accountable isn't CPJ filing a lawsuit to try to get the intelligence US intelligence to reveal its files, and what it knows we filed a lawsuit under the freedom of information act to request that the government release records related to the crowd. Basically what they knew in advance. Did they know that there was a risk to Jamal kashogi at did they fail to ward him as they are obligated to do under US law. President Trump Tout's the I think seventeen or so hostages around the world Americans held stage who his administration has got back whether from North Korea or Turkey or elsewhere now, I don't believe any of these journalists, but. You know?.

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