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Not going to risk that If you have a vaccine appointment later this week. Make sure you check with the site before leaving your house. It might be business as usual. Or it could be another delay or possible cancelation. Not because of supply this time, but because of that other s word. Ryan Calvert, camo Neos, It's 704 and coming up on the comb. Oh, morning news. Scramble is on to get warming shelters open and get sleeping bags and coats and blankets out to people on the streets. I'm Carling Johnson. Just talk about the traffic first, and we get to the Dubin Longer of traffic center. Here's Kierra Jordan. We've been working with the long term crash in Seattle on north on I five approaching olive way That's been blocking the right lane and we're sitting in this incredibly heavy drive from mid Boeing field into the area. If you're going from C tactics Seattle it's taking about 30 minutes. Right now. I'm actually just hearing of a new crash in Ceatec. This is North and my five year 188. Locking the H of the late I'm just starting to see a backup that's forming there. We also have a crash in South Hill. This is South and 1 61 of 156. That's blocking the right lane. That's taking you up for a couple of blocks into the area North and I find with some lighter slowing right now, Right at the heart of Tacoma City Center eastbound 5 12 busy between Meridian and Pioneer North and 167, that's going to be slow and go. From 5 12 into Pacific more delays Highway 18 2 to 77th and getting bit backed up again and Kent is you're approaching 84th and North found four or five your seeing brake lines between Talbot and that Newcastle area. Our next Cuomo traffic up 7 14, a report this time is sponsored by only Ortho the world class physicians that only Ortho are now offering robotic joint replacement options so you don't have to take a long, stressful drive to Seattle or Portland Robotic joint replacement options had only Ortho. Only Ortho has your back your need your hip. You get it Only Orthodox calm now from the diversified crawl Space Weather Center. Our forecast with meteorologist Kristen Clark. Well, we have the cold air in place highs today said to stay in the thirties for a lot of neighborhoods, and that's gonna set the stage.

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