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I'll just cut a check. I won't see he'll cut the check. I'll sign the check. My hand will be shaking. And i'll sign the check and that will be the money that i have. That'll be now. You don't have to cry for me. But that's i don't have ten million dollars lying around seven hundred fifty thousand dollars lying around all be given that dunkel sam and then i turned on the fucking radio this morning and i gotta hear the whole fucking brock tax cuts rach here every one of these ads wipes calling in going. Yeah but you know these guys with their accountants and their loopholes and their specialty this and they're cayman islands and their offshore accounts they don't end up based on what. Where do you get this information. You ask why. I pay a shit fucking load and taxes and even if you have the best most creative accountants in the world believe you make a ton of money you're gonna pay in a ton of money. Maybe maybe only pay fifteen or twenty percent but if you make ten million dollars a year you're still paying two million dollars a year. I mean it's still a shitload of money. Maybe do some creative whatever you still pay a shit load of money and spinning like saunders. All i can think about right now is what you're going pay taxes. This year is more money than me and probably twenty of my friends combined have ever seen right. That's why you all omi blowjobs. That's the way i look at it. All of us here still thinks so. It's like when. I got a fucking sit around and think about cutting a check for seven hundred. Whatever gran and then i gotta hear all these fucking blowhard dick. We'd sit around and go. Hey these rich guys they got heads fucking maxine waters at crazy count. Sit around going. It's high time the rich pay their fair share. Shut the fuck up the fuck the you know. By the way when mean one percent pays for forty percent their fair share so fucking nuts. How come no one else talks about this. I think they're afraid to because then everyone the average people will come after them. Fuck you average people. Maxine waters pandering to your retarded constituency. Jesus christ god damn you're a real man of the people at the haifa people. Jesus christ tired of paying for all your asses and do anything. Then i gotta fuck in the next word out of my fucking wife mouth. Is we gotta find a private school for the kids because the fucking pd shot to hell. Nice job maxine. you mean. la usda say. They're no good either. Yeah l. a. Usd app on unusable on fucking no birmingham for those kids. They're wrong district like to like to go there the viking's anyway. You want to do some news. Yeah awesome check white my aunts with that thing. We'll put sars on international news center next to donkeys mini bikes. Is the news with gene grad. So you might wanna cut the sluts in your life a little slack because it might be a part of their dna that their horse. Yeah a new study finds this a particular version of dopamine receptor. Did you see A dopamine receptor gene called dr d. four is linked people's tendency toward both infidelity and uncommitted one night stands under the researchers reported this redundant one night stands and uncommitted Infidel ones in one is cheating on someone and the others just cheating on yourself cheating on god. Well i mean you right. You'll be single. You're absolutely string in one night. I stand i stand corrected yes. This same. gene has already been linked to alcoholism and gambling addiction as well as less destructive thrills like love of horror movies once mental note. Getting note from dr true. A baby it's all their black and white. What are you gonna do. It's just hard science. Whatever one study linked gene to an openness to new social situations which in turn correlated with political liberalism. Where do you What do you think. Charlie sheen would You think he'd workout on the If we did a little swab on the inside of his cheek swab I think he's the poster child for this for dr new four. This essentially just the alcoholic. Gene it's kind of the thrill seeking alcoholic gene. Sure okay and also makes you very progressive politically apparently interesting and you like to see movies like the orphan and the shining movies so it means you're you lean toward the laugh. Yes and and you like to party. That's interesting so it's like at night. You'll be plowing through some whores and by day you'll be chaining yourself to a bulldozer. Yes interesting and betting on how long you'll be chained to the tree so i wonder if historically more politicians who are democrats have the fares and do the stuff then right winger still now. There's a part where you go so far right-wing we start getting into. Jesus jesus christ and then you turn gay because you rail against men laying down with other men then they find you in the backseat of that. Press with a yeah escort or in the stall the bathroom in minneapolis Wide stance just love that. I have a prodigious scrotum. And i need a very wide base to hold it up when i'm going number two. Pardon the expression that takes balls. Excuse yeah here's my real question for the minneapolis. Pd if that's in fact where this happened. What the fuck are you assholes doing this what we want you doing hanging out the men's bathroom at the airport patrolling. I got a plan. How about you dicks hit the street and try taking down some criminals instead of fucking crews in a bathroom at the fucking international airport. I don't give a fuck about that. You know what i mean. When did cops side to just do whatever the fuck they wanted to do. Like i said at once again there are posse there. There are security detail. We don't wanna get car. Here's the deal as a tax payer. I would like to not get carjacked and i would like to not get held up an atm. But as far as gaze at cruise in the stalls the airport. Don't give a fuck. You give a fuck about that. So what the fuck are you doing. This encourage it. I think for any crime in minnesota. And maybe they're outta shit. Yeah all right cis or csi. Minnesota saint. paul. I'm just saying a while when they put the cops into the men's room at the park you know and they just haven't proposition guys and stuff it's like the faulk hairs let the gay guys go cruise to park and fuck in the bathroom. Let's ten minutes gang. Banger won't be graffiti something really. That's all it is. Gang mayor walks in sees two guys cornhole and says you know what i'm going to give it a break. Come back after lunch. Guys preventative maintenance. I think they call it. I don't know if you guys saw. Did you guys see. The chargers raiders game..

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