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35 the father of a young black man who was killed by a police officer in New York about 10 years ago, is calling out Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey for ignoring his request for help. Couple BBC Jim McKay with details. D. J. Henry was a college student and athlete from Eastern killed after driving away from a police officer in New York, back in 2010 Thie officer involved did not face any charges. D J. Henry's father, den Roy Sr. On Social Media, saying he reached out to the Massachusetts congressional delegation about his son's case. Unfortunately, Senator You were the only one who didn't who didn't act if you truly are champion for change If you're on the right side of social justice issues act that way when the cameras aren't on you, Senator Mark Apologize to the Henry family last night, the Henrys have been longtime supporters of Congressman Joe Kennedy, who's running against Ed Markey for his Senate seat. There has been a recent push to reopen the Henry case, with celebrities voicing support and an online petition with over 300,000 signatures. Jim McKay W. B C. Boston's news radio. In a statement, Senator Markey writes. I strongly support the Henry family's efforts to reopen the case of the murder of their beloved son, D. J. Henry. And the story's protests go on demanding police reform across the country. There are also renew calls to reexamine the 2011 death of Yuri Stamps, Sr Stamps. A black man was just an innocent bystander when he was shot and killed by an officer during a drug bust by the Framingham police SWAT team, double BBC TV's Luisa Mueller with more on what happened on that cold January night, SWAT team members told Yuri to get on his stomach. He complied. But then one officer told investigators quote I start to fell over. I'm I'm going backwards. Thie end result. A bullet from his M four semi automatic rifle.

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