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If you are listening of streaming services, it would be great when you just go on and Neva staraeten are comment up front. Kasich. But with the show today, we're delighted to be joined by Dr Goodman Spiegel that get. Close, enough. because. Goodman explaining not even people local to him, find it difficult. Take pronounce his name properly under Senate an Irish dispelling of a name and the pronunciation of the name aren't necessarily saying. The same here but we're delighted that you've made yourself available today goodman. And as with all episodes Commu just start by just tell us a bit about yourself on your journey and to motivate Joe Start by saying I have no idea what day of the week it is onto electric calendar anymore. So in the same boat at. All these restrictions and you know it comes of our lives off to this. Thank you for having me and my own background medical doctor trained in a province about thousand kilometers north of here was NATO, and after I did my initial medical degree I specialized in Karachi way one was exposed to various different styles of psychotherapy and we know the ones that resonated with newest cycle dynamic and later on Skim therapy because it really is about extorting the Pistons Perspective, the Pistons origin where they come from and other impacts on radically links to am I in many ways. Nafta that I came commended. My Phd at University of Cape Town which really focuses on providing training for various levels of cadre particularly focused on areas where there's a high in HIV and targeting behavior change related to the harmful substance. Use or behavior is around health seeking for mental health and health access for mental health in as far as those link to outcomes IBI following my visit here subsequently have come to become co-director of these. Eviction Technology. Transfers Benza I. Think in the US you might be aware of the agency network so his. Eleven of twelve ATS's in the US which are now expanded into additional sort of networks and the networks focus really is around reducing arms of substances in providing access to care and access to evidence of management training substances disorder. And as a result, agencies work as leverage that expertise and that pool of resources to tackling substance use disorders in South Africa and a huge chunk of offerings centered around him I and as a result, a comes into a lot with 'em. I had the privilege of being able to start working with Steve Raleigh as well. wonderfully asks thank you Goodman and one thing I was curious about is you mentioned some of your past training in psychotherapy and talked about the importance in particular of understanding a person's. Own Perspective on their health and their life choices and those sorts of things. Maybe you could say a little bit more about what you mean with that in how you understand the importance of the person's perspective to be with regards to health behavior I. Imagine there's some natural links to what motivational interviewing offers one knows year like to sort of if a bet to time and time again is the whole apple. Rational. Hawaii. By an apple device I use largely apple devices because I'm sold I'm Solana idea that. My Life is very busy. So I wanted to create sinking if I using the episodes of connectivity between old activities I have to be engaged in a seamless. It's easy. So there is a motivation to continue to remain a subscriber of apple product because I understand how it will benefit my life because I understand how my life is busy enough or require that kind of flow and order..

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