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Yukio Sabah, Congress, President Trump discussed on The Ezra Klein Show


Israeli embarrassing and and i feel very particularly because one criticism in get firm this is going to be a a whose week mosow bay sort of response because a lot of people as soon as i again by beach the guy not i'm not a trump van through a lot of people call yukio sabah all the time of commie given sabic but i do get a lot of this all sometimes use we speaking about america and the what we've and so one i do want to say i believe we are america we are a body politic doesn't mean you agree with what is happening but it is happening in your name in my name but also there is a really profound cowardice and betrayal of what the country needs on behalf of republicans in congress right now i mean that is just in my view true and i don't think that we should make that easier or make it less noticeable by buying into it the fact that republicans have decided there is no too low but there is no like you need to be this decent and fit and competent reasonable to ride the presidency that should not be a reason that we all than say why i guess we can't even talk about what is clearly happening here right that is a way enrich the discourse is set by a party that is at this point acting in an unbelievably craven and cowardly fashion i do there is noone noone who believes for one fucking second that if this were a democratic president that every republican in the country every republican in congress would not be blake calling for their head no one believes that including republicans in congress so the fact that impeachment is now protected because we these partisan protection rackets which by the way the founding fathers did not expect they did not expect would have parties at all um and so the fact that presidents will be protected from impeachment by a builtin coalition of their party that was not anticipated so is another way in which is system we actually have is different from what was set up but the fact that that is what is happening if it is also allowed to pervert our discourse if it.

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