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First of all, the Giants have a tough schedule. They play Denver week one that could be a tough game, Denver has a great roster. They play Washington twice this year or they'll pay the rams, Kansas City, Tampa, Miami, the LH chargers who are a team that I think could win their division and maybe even win a Super Bowl like the Chargers are way better than people realize Dallas looked pretty good week one. New Orleans is tough, the Raiders are not an easy win. So I look at game after game after game like, man, this is a really tough schedule for the New York Giants, and people don't believe that, but that's what I see. Now, here are my two biggest problems though with the Giants. Number one, it's a twofold concern. I know I said, too. I guess it's really three. The schedules hard my second concern though about the Giants is that I don't believe in their young quarterback Daniel Jones. I have no faith. I just we can argue on that. I don't think he's the right guy for the future of their franchise. And I think that's going to be a problem moving forward. How many games this year through the Giants play and where the other team has a better quarterback than them? It's almost every game on the roster. Like that's a huge problem. You can't overlook. Now the other problem is I don't have any faith in this offensive line. The Giants have all these receivers and skill players and say, quote, Barkley, and it's like they forgot about the offensive line. I just fundamentally do not like how this offense was built. I do not agree with the strategy and the philosophy of the Giants general manager, Dave gettleman. I believe that winning and doing well enough and starts with the office of line. Like lineman, win games, you need a good offensive line, and you also need a good defensive line. Being good up front really, really matters. And this team, the way they've drafted the way they've made moves of the recent years. It seems like the giant's front office does not put a value on offensive lineman. And I really don't understand that. It's very weird to me. They made all these moves. They went out and got Kenny gallaudet. They drafted saquon Barkley running back. They got kadir's Tony at receiver. And in the last four years, the New York Giants have had 6 first round picks. Three of those 6, by the way, were top ten picks. And so in the last four years, the Giants have had an opportunity. To completely rebuild their offensive line..

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