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So they're kind of encouraging you to take okay to a couple of days off, and in fact, the APP was like penalizing the at one point saying you've been doing too much stop. Take it easy there fast guy. But. I still did the cold showers. So it starts you out in just fifteen seconds and I like this. They don't try to have you jump into cold water right away. They say start with a warm shower, get the blood flowing than at the very end, turn it to his cold as it will go. This and for whatever reason I thought fifteen seconds. That's nothing I'll do thirty and so I just started doubling every one of them. So I started with I started with thirty seconds achieved my first week and then Second Week was thirty seconds per shower. So I did a minute week three was forty-five seconds and I haven't taken any days off. So I've been doing culture. It's every day since I started out and so now I'm up to week four, which is one minute Aka. Of Cold but once it gets started, it's always this nervous feeling of like oh It's so cold, right but then once you're on it, it's fine. It's that initial shock. Yeah. If anything like I have to make sure I keep kind of moving my body round to get freshly exposed on different parts of my body because otherwise it doesn't even feel that cold you get used to it. So then I'll turn my back. Okay. Now that's called under the arms. Well, that's called. Okay. Yeah. So that's a little bit of that effect that they saw on the study with the two twins right that came up when they were talking about that surfer in the book they were. Saying that David Blaine had come by the Michigan Yeah Okay and he had said Oh I can withstand the ice sitting in a cold bath. Walking by or what? No like he came to visit this guy because he has a well regarded training program. Saying Oh. Yeah. There's no problem like put me in. I can last for you know x number of minutes forty five minutes or something like that. But then what they did was they had the ice moving around the circulating and he had to get out really quickly because that's very different from sitting stationary air in ice for sure. So the movement of the water is definitely a factor, the dog's name Zena Rozina. I. Would remember that this is great because on their website, there's an about page with every person who works for the Wim Hof Institute and their picture, and the last one is just seen a by herself and says. Dog. Inseparable from Williams. Zena all the company's secrets shamelessly exhibits herself on Instagram Oh my God I'm GonNa follow her out the door. So yeah, there's lots of little ways to get into this and little ways to motivate yourself, and of course, at the very end you have all of these badges there forty badges you can earn for achievements and I've just noticed. As I'm earning them that most of them are rare ultra rare and so I think people download this APP and they sign up for him. But some of these basic achievements like the breeding badge only forty five percent of the Wim Hof community has the first badge for doing one basic breathing exercise. Totally believable. This is I think the universal experience with Apps. Download them, and then you forget there and I think sometime tomorrow I'll be earning this the second breathing badge for having done twenty times in a row, and that's listed a super rare twelve percent and the one beyond that for having done it fifty times is only five percent ultra rare and yes. So many of these achievements already, my showering one is listed as only five percent of Wim. Hof. Community has this badge. This is really how to break Ross's and my brain put a number on it and we're like we we do you Do It the twenty days of push-up exercises that four percent ultra rare. Okay. The forward bending only four percent have gotten to the twenty times using. So yeah, I think a lot of people get this APP and they're like I'm going to do off and then they fall off. They whim off they whim off. Yeah. I like it. Thank you. So anyways Yeah. I. Don't know we'll see what comes first either all get sick. All earn. Fifteen badges. Let's say if I get to twenty five badges, I'll call myself done with the Wim Hof method. What will you count as set quote? He just have like a sore throat that's a good question. Yeah I'm not sure what if I feel like our I need to stay in bed I can't get stuff done. Okay. That kind of say. Okay. If in order to stay productive, you have to take a nap of more than one hour. Oh, new hours interesting. Okay. Sure. Okay. That sounds like a reasonable metric. But yet, it hasn't magically made my skin clear up I? Mean I've got the Xm still get some bites recently and they're inflamed. I've little. Yeah. got some skin that's still healing from. A few months back and it hasn't magically cleared up. So you know I. Still I'm still experiencing inflammation. Right, which is bad. And they the cause of all disease eighty percent of Disney. So I'm doing fine but it hasn't like magically increased my energy. All do the cold shower in the morning, but I can still get really tired in the afternoon or even listless some nights. Well, you know what I realized the other day seventy percent of life is work. Yes. We only use ten percent of our brain come and eighty percent of disease is inflammation or on seventy plus ten, his eighty coincidence. Yes. But I like where you're going carry thing. I am a pattern seeking. Using your Noggin for what it's intended for. Math. Well Ross. What would you give the Wim Hof method on a pseudoscience rating where one is something that's not at all pseudoscientific ripe like a you and I share a a huge fraction of our DNA with non human primates cousins. Okay. Yes. That's true. That's true by signs and then ten is some things like ridiculously pseudoscientific right? Like instead we share most of our DNA with coats sperm Oh. No come on nope. Silly co- goodness. Okay. Well, this definitely, you know sometimes we have to talk about how? Okay. Well, we're not talking about literal pseudoscience 'cause no signs claims are being made science claims are being made here. Big Time. Absolutely. Yeah. It's a huge part of this method and you Wim Hof talking points in the appeal of this is scientifically validated look at all the scientists involved So, four that re this is tough. I. I'm having a hard time putting a number on it, but I'm going to say seven. Because there are real effects going on. Yes. Verifiable things impressive things. It's all really cool and some of it's cold but. I. Think it put so much work on someone who really wants to Saas out is scientific and what isn't in this method that you have to do a lot of external reading that just listening to Wim, Hof and some of the other acolytes of this method is GonNa. Throw you in the wrong direction. Yeah. Yeah I think that's right. I was thinking. Seven as well. We're good US look at US everybody I also want to tip our collective hat to Dr Ron Francis. There's a video online.

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