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Anyways, let's check out some of the meme scores. The first I give those memes a Nancy Pelosi community center for Salman funding bill. They were losing it in the chat Salman Salman. Okay, Bitcoin asset. I give those memes whatever opt these mothers making in the kitchen. It's going to be delicious. So that's a delicious score. All right, next one by Elaine, I give those memes all the heat from this episode. My next one, Matt Matt, FRL, because I rate the memes a baked salmon with honey glue. That sounds delicious. A baked Sam. But is that worth 65 million? I don't know. Tucson. I gave the memes my Bitcoin kindergarten half. Let's go. Okay. Frank Arne, I give the memes 1.7 trillion from everybody's pockets. Oh, that's a powerful score. Powerful score. Hold on, this isn't a score, but shouts out the self. He currently wearing her represent T let's there you go. There you go. All right, next one. That's how we got so far. So guys, check out something Bitcoin still grab group. You got to go to WWW dot TV slash simply Bitcoin TV. Check out simply Bitcoin's blog, simply Bitcoin on filter, go to WWW dot simply Bitcoin dot news. It's absolutely free. Shoutout to our awesome writers. Why not kiss Paul? Rustin, you guys are absolutely slaying the game. It's the best money tech. It is the written version of this show. Anyways, software or pub site. Software. All right, let's do it. Bitcoin software release. Brought to you by

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