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It's like, wow, what do you expect? Tation? Can the titans? Can they compete this year? Yeah, they can compete. And the reason why they are very, very physical football team around the Lee. They say the titans are them kind of games when you play them on Sunday, you still sore until a Wednesday game people like, what? What does that quake? Two men. They play football. They run the football with Derrick, Henry banging at you, and now they have what I think one of the best change of pace in Dion Lewis, getting him over from New England because he is a weapon out of the backfield. He is a nightmare for people in space. I like Mary ODA Bill, get the ball out of his hand. Now people they might be shocked that they realize what a good athlete Marcus mariota is, but out of the pocket in on the run. He's one of the worst throat was in the bottom five throwers that we see from a completion standpoint on the move. So it's the opposite of what you would have expected that we all the other guys that can run there used to run in. They throw better running than they do sitting in. The pocket, Vic, Cunningham, these guys, this Wilson's great at it. Oh, man. I mean, so it's an odd set a circumstance that he has there. How does he improve on that last year? Not necessarily got better. We saw him in car kind of suffered the same type of injury in the next season kinda went bad, him rush, you know? So what will he do in this year? It's this franchise. They can win ten games. They can win Tim Gaines, but him Dion Lewis. Outside of these one of his young receivers, Corey Davis, you know, where's he at this point? Is he going to step up to? I think the titans might be one of the most underrated teams in the league right now. And here's why I thought last year they had below average coaching and from a statistical standpoint, they had well below average quarterbacking mariota after an excellent year, two had more interceptions than touchdowns. Last year he had a seventy nine rating and despite all that they won nine games. They had a big comeback win over the chiefs in the playoffs. They got. To the second round of the playoffs. So I if rival is just league average his first year as a head coach to me, that's an upgrade over Mike malarkey. If mariota is just almost as good as he was in year two, that's a big upgraded to what he was last year. And you mentioned the added Dion Lewis. And the other reason folks should of course watch this game is my man right? There is making his debut as an NFL analyst. So if you have the Sunday package or if you live in Tennessee or Miami, turn on this game and listen, my man do it very few. Don't worry about that. You're not there. What do you say you're not there for the names? Who's who's the game? Calling the games, Sam Rosen, Sam. That's what he's there for. You're there for the analysis. There you go. So don't worry about that. Oh, I'm not worried. Got a pretty good day. Patriots. Patriots came about this close to winning the Super Bowl last year. And while bell check breaches the concept of just moving forward that has to sting just a bit for someone that locker room, though kickoff there twenty eight thousand campaign against the Texans on Sunday Forty-one-year-old, Tom Brady leading retooled offense against a defense that includes JJ watt, and David clowney, a stud quarterbacked named Shawn, Watson artsy, what has to happen for the Texans to upset the patriots week? One figure out what they're going to do because no one, we don't know what was going to do weak the weak. And now you're talking about the first game of the season. No, Eshelman gronk we haven't seen him in the preseason. So what are they going to do? They're going to throw the ball sideways against them. They're going to pitch the ball to the running backs or wide receiver. Philip Dorset, unbelievable, speed, four, three. I'm Tom, this guy is electric. Cordell Patterson. Another four, three guy not great receive. Vers they've proven down the field are veteran football player this a critical year for them. How does Bill Pella check, Josh mcdaniels you like these guys in the backfield or at the wide receiver position? I, I don't know, Phillip door set..

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