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Kind of cool his voice sounds much more feminine through mass I'm just saying I heard a voice I heard a voice from across the room and I didn't see it it sounded when you just keep it real we got do you have people in this building again you know like I know I don't because all I noticed was people definitely heating stuff up in the break room well I noticed that I I talked to Keith and I talked to to Magen offer thank god she's back a source for markers I love a dry erase marker and expo dry erase marker one of the few tools I need to do my job I need a white board white only I need my Mike Salk green only and I need my headphones and that's it you guys that helps too hello where were you yesterday when I was broadcasting from eight to eleven from my other room listening to you yeah I figure since nobody ever asked me to join I wasn't welcome I mean yeah you could come over but I was gonna ask you on a Sunday I mean you're not taxed job pointed out this morning and I got so mad at myself when he pointed out because you realize on that date the week there you finally take a vacation day you end up working Saturday and Sunday and I said yeah yeah I did kind of realize that I didn't have to do Saturday John Brenda text me like a ten o'clock he said Hey with things get eaten up a little bit I'm thinking about asking you and Mike to go on the air I was like cool whatever you need for men I got nothing going on you know My Baby mom is at the house watching a show that I'll talk about later and so I texted my can I said Hey you want me to help you out I'll help you out you know jump on if you need a break I'll relieve you are not looking to work my way and due to your on air stuff and I didn't get it expect to get a response because you know he there are times when you see doesn't respond to tax and I don't blame him I would respond to my text either and and so he's acted right back and said yeah come on let's do it so it's like oh my gosh all right so is my first time using our storms are a pandemic set up in my spare room and I fired it up in a work right away and so little poops My Baby my much while I was in there and she was so great she's laying on my stomach while talking to Michael going on Instagram live and hold the phone and will prove to be and so sweet run the air and it's about midnight we're wrapping up and I look at the quarter mile high in here comes rubi my cat oh god no no no those two I get the feeling ruby would be cool with poops if poops would stop growling and barking at ruby the ruby takes it very very personally that she gets growled at or barked at so I knew she like really like don't start know as well B. O. S. but the thing is is that I feel like ruby may be mis interpreting little poops because that's probably just a a growl of fear yep down you know she doesn't want any problems low poops yeah just the you know she's scared it's a three she you know she's just scared right well you know of this dominant feline figure that owns the house so so that noise is just really say in who don't hurt me you're not wrong because the minute things start to go down a little poop just squeals like a little **** which she a little bit how did you catch any did you catch me live fights on the air yeah you did so we're about to wrap up and Mike said all right you know good from them the mobile and then I look and I go I go you're not gonna believe what's going to happen here so I assume my phone over to ruby walking in the room and ruby's up here but my shoulder and if the dog is asleep on my feet and I say out loud if that dog realizes that ruby is in this room all hell is going to break loose and right then ruby goes well and that's all it took and the dog woke up looked around saw ruby and barely got a growl out of her throat was like and it was like right now she goes after that dog jumped three feet in the damn error and there was a dog of a dog and cat fight now now can you can you verify this rumor I heard that after cal to heard that that he has booked ruby verse little poops in a death match winner gets the better grab those house at the punch out we were supposed to say anything yet I'm figure out a way we can transport them separately down to Sarasota Robarts arena but yes that is an undercard for spike versus how may I add and I can't wait to see who wins and it does spoiler it's going to be ruby I don't have to choose between my my cat and that dog because I mean I know you love lo poco I do love love who is revered and nor can only yeah hell yeah I know we got Cody's alligators what really needs to go hunt lizards birds exploded I lead a lizard in the house of miles so she can she can pounce on it and stuff like that it's a it's a thing by the way I woke up Saturday morning to a bowl alligator trying to mate in my back Jeez I don't know I shouldn't say or did say but but I woke up to I will go to the sound that's something senseless.

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