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I'm like to do 'love' more you raj hoodoo was drafted because he's a prolific scorer oh he cars shirley go clearly lays heard everywhere to see was heard the question is what it coach q below him out there no good well trying we learn you you got nbg garcia michigan him you role in them all out the here's lou toys he heard it was obvious he does hers tough dad's bad luck to that one is bella the other day i mean will sit on the 700 that injury history so in other words which you've trying to tell me as a from draft eligible tell the six is no draft me advice as rahab academy tunnel last whom at us yet if newmanhaas yet lastly here before we get back to the dodgers draymond green questioning the nba after they find him 25 grand i watch this occur the other night were draymond green and bradley beal got to do not bradley beal basically suckered punched in from the back like he kind of like tried to what an enemy from behind this was saturday night had begun to fight yeah and i was i mean the gala we partying you esi they are sure what happened was bradley beal dream i was boxing him out for a rebound bradley beal didn't like how physical he was being and just suck them like basically now was it like a real pudge which is kind of what it was like that so he really is so he really tried reema right and then dream on like grabbed him at now he didn't throw a punch like if you see the video it was bradley any kelly oubre even threw a punch at john wall hit klay two and a grey molly all purple in facing a nice game dear michael times of these on says that he's upset with the nba because he was penalised was thrown out of the game even though he didn't throw a punch you just held him for failing to disengage and he says if somebody hits you should be allowed to defend yourself it's called self.

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