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Second half but but one note did you see in a krahn white has been on a tear here as of late he's really coming on your david cells been on a tear since the season started but kaurent white is really starting to make a move now he's moved up to two ten touchdown catches after the two yes a greg so that makes him and sylso white has 10 sills with eighteen that makes them the first pair to have double digit touchdown receptions in the same season since 2014 uh jerry offered brother and kevin did that so that each of those guys did it in 2014 it also happened under dana in 2012 stadmann bailey intake von austin each had double digits including bailey's incredible 25 niche season so white and sills into some elite company so far was still a couple of games to go yeah in the even with those two west virginia only has eleven players doubledigit touchdown receptions and now as you said so having to in the same season i mean h how rare that because it's only happen eleven times the jews even had one do it in a season say nothing of of the rarity of two but you've got even some other interesting so seles and he's he's going crazy are touchdown reception and six straight games including as i mentioned the two he had yesterday he's now up to fourth place in singleseason touchdown means already tied with gene including his brother cabin who did it in 2014 he's fourth nationally in touchdown receptions so you've got sills leading the country and touched ourselves etf in as four touchdown catch out of second he's gone over a hundred yards receiving and for the last six games he had a gamehigh one hundred sixty eight yards receiving yesterday so he continues to go go crazy sills as i mentioned leave the country with eighteen he's he's sniffing that 25 by bailey which i thought no chance anybody's gonna to see that he he's got waste to go yeah e e couple of when he had be hard for.

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