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Make you say that. Are you dead ass? Serious Queen Bay as long as that woman has been beyond, say how dare you, but that and then mixing up which Willie Brown was dead on the BT awards. It's a wonder I watch all my God they did do that. During the in Memoriam, speaking of that, it broke my heart to see jazz is. Name in photo up there, like in the middle of that I was just like hull. House, glad she was included. I mean I was glad she was included, but it's just like a reminder that. Yeah somebody so talented is gone and. but anyway yes, I didn't even hear that I didn't even had to watch the beyond. Say Part To. Maybe I went to sleep, but add to watch the beyond. Say Part Online. I didn't even hear that live so what the fuck shoes like and coming up our one. Que- are reigning Queen Bay. Fuck. I know that show black asking? Some very white shit on black entertainment television. What is going on? Though beyond the deserves an apology, but now. Okay well. I just have two quick things and then I'll be out first of all BRIANNA. Taylor is not a joke. She's not a meme is not. A cute little funny trending topic. She's not a tick tock template. All these things that you guys seem to think are cute and fun are not appropriate for talking about her death and I understand that. maybe y'all feel like anything to get it to trend or anything to get it shared or liked or reposted or re tweeted and you know if it gets more people to care, then you know. How you get there doesn't really matter, but I personally feel like it absolutely does I. don't WanNa see Brianna Taylor's name stamped in very tiny font on nobody else's ass. I don't WanNa. See it in no more memes about shit I just don't. Yes I don't maybe you haven't come across any of this, but more and more lately over the past week, or so I have seen these names of people like just basically making. I mean so the thing is. They're not necessarily making a joke out of her death, but they are talking about her death as if it is a joke like you are. You're meaning this. You're turning this woman. And the pain that her family is going through like this isn't this. Isn't that like? It doesn't have to be done that way? Please respect Brianna. Taylor Yada. mean the fuck out of nobody else who was murdered by the police or anybody else, so please just leave that shit alone if you can't talk about her without making it a joke or trying to trick people into giving Shit, then find another way to do it, but like I'm all over it and I hate it. Yeah I have seen I think at most like some of those things where it's like a troll thread where they say something like. You know. Ways IANSA, terrible singer ran. That's actually links to like, are you? Yeah stuff like that and I'm like. Okay Yes so I mean I saw those, and those didn't really bother me, but it's graduated now into means, and that's what I'm like. Okay. I'm putting. My fucking fled down. This isn't a joke. This is real life, so please take seriously. We don't even know the name of the officer who killed Tony mcdaid. We don't even know the name of that person like this isn't nothing about what's happening is a joke or funny, but anyway. Now I'm talking about something else. That was related to my next read so. We just talked about the bt awards and how you know overall. It was a fun show, and they really did a great job with making the best out of corona virus, and that's true and I think if anybody else is going to do an award show probably over the next couple of years in bt. Set The bar pretty damn high, but. Every time beats. He does something. The Trans Women that follow make sure to make note of their erasure in whatever the event is and is kind of like they are expected suggests. Be Happy whatever they were given, or it's right like Oh. My God pose like if you just say the word or whatever then they just supposed to be like Oh my God. Thank you so much bought block so. A trans. Woman named Amara Jones I guess she shot this commercial with McDonald's, and it was supposed to air during the bt awards, and is just a fifteen second very short, and she's like you know what it basically sums up to is while we're talking about black lives. Black Trans people have a message. Stop fucking killing us like we matter to, or whatever and I guess that was too damn scandalous for bt because Mrs Jones tweeted. Bt pulled at at the last minute last night from the BT. Awards is hard to conclude anything. The platform is transphobic as Anjelica Ross and B.. Scott unfailingly point out site. Black women intentional in visibility is why our thoughts are heard. This. Now. Is Bad enough that I didn't watch. The whole show is bad enough that y'all already act like mentioning Trans People. Is You know just a fad like it's just Paprika? You can just toss a little bit of this shit in there and you know it. That's enough, or that's plenty, but. For. For McDonald's to have done this, and then for bt according to Amar Jones to have been like. Yeah, NO FUCK! That is kind of blowing. My mind because McDonalds has put out. All hines of terrible marketing that has aired on bt. All of my life girl. You GotTa Ten. PS Don't be stingy I know yeah I. Remember that time when McDonald's was turning every fucking jingle every fucking commercial into rb saw. Every time I see a McDonald's ad today..

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