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Attempted suicide but live and there's a there's a whole series i mean there's people who jumped off bridges people who failed hanging out in every series the overwhelming thought as soon as they you know took the leap why has this is a mistake they did not want to do it they didn't really want to do it but they lost track a reality at that moment that's why suicide hotlines are that's why they exist because if you have these kinds of thoughts and you just seems overwhelming to you but if you just can talk to somebody anybody at that vulnerable moment he's actually pass i read this today there was a study that came out of western michigan university where i more than four times as many men as women die from suicide bud women attempt suicide three times more often during their lives than men do yeah i think men the more successful i think they're more aggressive and they and they and they use guns and more access to you know more more violent toys plus women i think have a tendency to just put it off like maybe i'll do it tomorrow and guys are like pretty goal oriented like not gotta get done today man you know it's sad but i think guys are more impulsive that way i'm not sure i i didn't read that particular study and that kind of information is useful however and you know the other thing is suicides are more common now than they've been twenty four yeah and one of possibilities is that you know suicide is is more accepted by the culture today yeah and you know years ago suicide was not in in some cultures suicide it's not accepted at all people get shunned and all that kind of stuff so it you know it does it in those kind of cultures that doesn't seem to happen and when this country was predominantly christian believing sorta countries suicide was not accepted by that religion and feel sides were down and and you're saying it was it was an embarrassment to your family if somebody committed suicide i remember younger and somebody in in our community their parents went bankrupt and they were so humiliated by that they moved out of state.

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