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With your text messages while we got three six oh sorry my daughter's nineteen she's never showered in her own bathroom what is up for life oh showers in your will always use your bath yeah that's the pro then you have to restock your own towels towels and miss the bathroom get him in his own bathroom they got oh we had my mother your soap are are bad ready to go through my house growing up like six people in there but the thing is one bathroom was designated as the guest bathroom and it had the fancy towels you couldn't do anything in the bathroom so like if you ever thought about taking a bath or shower in that bathroom that was it man you're grounded for two weeks i don't know my dad pulled it off very young by my early memories of him he would be in our bathroom get ready to go drive truck and he could smoke while he was showering wow he was a chain smoker in the bathroom smoking his cigarette let's say in the shower now i don't know how you can do that as it kelly did it was so crazy last night in the fourth of july feel like it was louder this year because his on wednesday so you have some folks when you use up their firepower others will save it until saturday night there's something to that on the wednesday night it was loud because everyone wants time domain wednesday yeah this upcoming saturday yeah i know i thought you would have parties of saturday before but i know of people that live especially like in eastern washington were they they have the homes and they're having big parties this coming weekend but i guess when you're stuck you're stuck on a wednesday which way do we go next year will be thursday from the two zero six i gotcha rock your world about the fourth of july here's my idea big fireworks displays on the third of july so we all stay up late and then enjoy the fourth off oh it had to be kind of weird for some people to get up today that hangover and shopping your reagan in had to work i'm sure that had to be painful earlier we were talking about angeles's and now expensive though trucks are don experienced one of those berlin two five three i'm an uber driver i will not tell you how many almost babies bleeding hands or legs i have had in my car some friend with them holding a towel against some injury yeah this happens a lot where people don't want to spend money back to the story in boston where woman was badly injured on the subway platform and she pleaded with the the the good samaritans do not call nine one one because you couldn't afford the ambulance ride i've heard that uber is now turned into sort of a defacto ambulance hops take me to the hospital you're saving a lot of money though nineteen hundred dollars to do an ambulance or.

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