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To talk to their gay or bisexual sons about sexuality. And h v risk, we know that young gay and bisexual men are the highest risk group for getting HIV infection of all teenagers, and have film can be found at lead with love film dot com. Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel says the state's civil rights commission is not bound by her predecessors determination. LGBT people are not protected by an antidiscrimination law. Nestled, however declined to issue, a formal opinion because of some pending legal litigation. Former attorney general Bill Schutte issued an opinion last year saying the commission overstepped when it said the state civil rights law, covered sexual orientation and gender identity. Nestles office says the US supreme court in April decided to review, a case involving a Michigan funeral homes firing of a transgender woman CBS confirming that the White House is reasserting executive privilege with respect to hope Hicks testimony that set for today. White House counsel, Pat sip Leoni wrote in a letter to House Judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler, that said, quote, MS Hicks is absolutely immune from being compelled to testify before congress with respect to matters occurring during her service, as a senior adviser to the president. This. All according to a source directly familiar with the letter. Well, the US is sending an additional one thousand troops now to the Iranian region. CBS news correspondent Charlie Dega is in the United Arab Emirates. He tells us it's unclear where those troops will be deployed the US already has a significant military presence in this region around thirty five thousand servicemembers manning warships, airbases and ground. Operation. Iran's regional arch-rival Saudi Arabia is stepping up the pressure to releasing video showing its warplanes on joint exercises. With u s fighter jets over the Persian Gulf a show of force sending an unmistakable message.

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