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College increase sounds like a fun way to raise a little money for schools county sheriff's officials and other thirties confiscated five hundred forty pounds of processed marijuana from five businesses in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties for unlawfully distributing and cultivating cannabis know, according to officials the marijuana valued at more than a hundred and forty thousand dollars, and it was intentionally distributed through specific financial transactions to get this avoid state, tax, obliga-, shins and regulations. Trying to work the way around the system, I'm Christina don's along with Sam Shane on the KFC K morning news. Do you? Remember how much you paid person Mestre onto ish? My goodness. Oh, no. No, no, no. I mean, you know, how many years ago that me too? I will tell you I paid a sex eight hundred eighty dollars per person Mestre Mestre person, Mr. for tuition, four hundred eighty dollars tuition Bill or for one class for this for the whole thing four hundred eighty dollars. That's the least second remember spending. It's a lot more than say as someone who has kids about that age. You know, it's not. Oh, no. Definitely. Do you know that by the way, I seventy percent of kids who graduate from college have debt they own money. No. So we're gonna talk about that on the other side. Should you be sending your kids to college? Is it worth it? Or are there? Other things that make more sense for you and your family. We'll have that on the other side here at ninety three point one K F B K local news. California's Senator is working breaking news on.

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