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Nothing. Okay. He admitted essentially as well that he hung the young girl. He also goes into more detail about throwing her body off a bridge and into the water. The body has never been found play more from this really disturbing video throughout the night. Governor Murphy says his administration is committed to changing the policies and procedures recommended in a report by former state supreme court Justice, Peter Bernardo, he owed been hired to examine how the state hired and kept on high ranking official known to have been accused of rape. The venero report answered a lot of questions and laid out many valuable recommendations, but I also understand that not all the answers are satisfied. And I share in the frustration of those who are looking for easy answers. Among those unanswered questions who decided to hire Alvarez who was never charged in connection with allegation laws. Katie Brennan top figures in Murphy's transition team were told about the matter in December of twenty seventeen but he was hired to a state job a month later and kept his position until October. Remember last week story. The man who faked a fall. Well for insurance money bowl despite the tape that pretty much lays out the whole thing. The fifty seven year old Randolph man Alexander golden ski pleads not guilty to the charges of insurance fraud and theft by deception he was arrested last month in February is heart health month. And doctors were Shana Kulkarni president of the American Heart Association of south and Central Jersey says twenty six percent of new Jerseyans die of heart disease each year and.

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