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The steelers and god knows what that night will be like an it all starts tomorrow with boomers favored game that's army navy give me in putnam valley europe in the morning show a boomer on the families of giving quota gourmet dr gary what's going on our friend of mine ah worked who annapolis years ago on route 3 scholarship he told me what they had to go through the first year every time you need a crew one around the corner in a building daddy yell out go army go navy beat on the whole school year he's guys go through a lot of rumours man i know it's one your fade games and other quick question is mark sharon off mark shots now i are no i don't think so i think that that i mean mark that journalists the chinese out of the kill that's what he it's a radio nickname whereas our shark out is yes i think has a pretty common want amongst dj snake warnings was york you'd be marked the shark i did not know go you want to be able i in in my family when i grow up i said my my dad was uh uh you know use in the the army my uncle was in the navy and yesterday was december seven 1941 as pearl harbor day yesterday and everything and you know so there's there's really extra meaning in this game in my family anyway just simply because of that rivalry and we used to watch all the time and now that i i got a chance to do it's six or seven years and cbs and the games were not very competitive but for me it really wasn't about the games anyway was route more the kids in the story is and how they ended up at the academy is and why they wanted to go there are a lot of them wanted to play football was the only place that they could go play football but now you got to get into that school you got to be able to.

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