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The o c the aol ira 360 three to five four you know it's i'm not sure what exactly happened that made them change this type of uh you know too the have have this disparity when it when it comes to communicable diseases now maybe the reason why they had to hold off with you know have the tightest nerve he's an hpv this because it just once you start increasing the number of things have to be considered a felony then you know i there's a lot more people worth there's going to be a lot more cases there's going to be a lot more accusations and making something a misdemeanor willie jesus things up from a court standpoint and from a jail standpoint but you know hiv we can treat now hiv can be easily diagnosed and i would love to get rid of the stigma of hiv but the problem is is it still does hill his like hpv kissel like hepatitis it can still hill if somebody does not take the medication regimen appropriately if they do not follow up with their you know cereal counts if they are immuno compromised and they get a condition like dumb in a moment hour pcp or a variety of macular variety of other kaposi sarcoma diseases that could affect somebody with hiv that's a acquire read aids and now in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome we are talking about something that is very very debilitating and if i have a particular stance with somebody i fault for all right we'll demands on me you know i don't pretend says like to that risk that if i you know you know that person to use a condom there and and they don't use the kanda we were just talking about stealthy how stealthy you should be considered sahlin is assault stands in the salt that stealthy in is where well simply his since the view they remove the condom or they tear the condoms so they could impregnate you were past their cement it you all hell is that not he knows of somebody so you know but but it's obvious.

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